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What is TA at end of KS2 actually used for?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by assessmentnoob, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Ok... so I get that we TA writing and we send that off, but why do we do it for Reading and Maths if we are judged on SATS results?
  2. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Ever since we've had National Curriculum, there's been the statutory requirement to report end of key stage levels. For English a key stage level must be based on levels for the three Attainment Targets - Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing (equal weighting). So, you must. But don't you want to show the progress the children have made, statutory or not? Don't you want to tell children and parents that NCTs are just a side issue?

    KS2 has never had Sats - they just made it into KS1 and were scrapped in 1992.

    NCTs started as 50% of the end of key stage assessment but of course, there's much less to them now. Even when NCT English was for Reading and Writing, that was just a snapshot type assessment of 2/3 of the curriculum and so for many reasons the TA had to be the more reliable 50%.

    Aren't you glad the TA is even more important now?
  3. Of course I do. I wish it was entirely TA. This is what I don't understand. We are judged on results of a single or several test papers, apart from writing. I don't quite understand what the TA data is used for nationally. This is what I meant.
  4. toomuchtoosoon

    toomuchtoosoon New commenter

    Ofsted used it to tell us we did not know our children as we were 2 out on our level 4 predictions in maths...we gave them 4s as TAs but two missed by one mark in the tests. The fact they had readers and were 1s in KS1 mattered not to them. Neither did the evidence we provided in their books that we provided to show they were working at level 4 and correct objectives were being covered.
  5. I am in a similar position this year in that one child who has clearly demonstrated throughout the year that they are working at a level 4 has just missed out on it in SATs. This is despite scoring 4b on past sats papers consistently. Annoying!

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