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What is Sheffield like??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by newmiss, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I'm in the process of moving to sheffield with my husbands job and am going to be looking for teaching jobs in primary schools. I'd really apprecaite anyones views on how the job market is in Sheffield, anyones experiences and what the schools are like.
    Thanks in advance for any posts
  2. Also if anyone could recommend any agencies in the city I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks again
  3. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    SESSA is the name of the council's supply agency. I'm still a PGCE student so I can't tell you whether they are any good at finding you work or not, but the rate of pay they offer is quite good compared to others.

    I don't know too much about the job situation in Sheffield, but imagine it is little different from the rest of the country - few and far between!
  4. Cervinia

    Cervinia Occasional commenter

    Grim Northern town. I was in their city centre on Saturday: quiet, recession hit, lifeless place. Good student town, I imagine, with University on hand.
  5. Hi
    I love Sheffield, it's a lovely town - it has it's "rough" places though, like every region!
    SESSA and HAYS are the two most common agencies in the region. Also consider doing agency work in Derbyshire and Rotherham councils, they aren't that far away from Sheffield.
    I did my degree and PGCE at Hallam but my placements were near to where I live in Mexborough, Wath and Bolton upon Dearne so I don't know what the schools are like in Sheffield.
    Sheffield is a vibrant city, lots of nightlife, wonderful city centre for shopping and relaxing. It isn't that far from the Peak District if you like countryside. I would move there again myself :)
  6. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Rubbish. it's a great city centre. Parts are in the process of being redeveloped and look a bit grim at the moment and some shops have been hit by the proximity of Meadowhall but there are two theatres, art galleries and plenty of trendy bars and restaurants in the Devonshire green area. The Peace gardens are lovely and well used by locals and surrounded by bars and restaurants again. Oh, and there are two universities.
  7. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    It has the loveliest cherry tree collection in the land in its wonderful hillside botanical gardens.It has decent cheap old-fashioned caffs.
    It it surrouned by beautiful scenery.
    The people are friendly
  8. I'm currently at Sheffield Hallam University and I think that the city is beautiful. There are so many wonderful places to see, the Peace Gardens; the Winter Gardens; the museums... Althuogh I've never visited a Primary School in Sheffield before, I thought I'd share my personal experience of the city as a whole.

    I'm from Doncaster, which is a town around half-an-hour away on the train, and I'd never really had an experience of a city before going to university (never been on a tram; only been on a train once or twice!) and now I can navigate my way around freely.

    As another poster has mentioned, Meadowhall is 5 minutes away on the train and is absolutely brilliant for shopping as there's so many shops and eateries all under one roof, as well as a Vue cinema. A couple of tram stops away from Meadowhall (or around a 10 minute walk) is Centertainment, which has a wide variety of food places and a Cineworld cinema (I have an Unlimited card!) Around the corner from that is Sheffield Arena (now called Motorpoint), where some great acts appear - I believe McFly is there on Friday - I have seen Lee Evans and Michael McIntyre and they do a Disney on Ice annually.

    It's generally just a brilliant city. The Lyceum theatre is beautiful, I've never been to the Crucible but it's just been refurbished and looks lovely. If you like the nightlife, there are lots of bars, although I'm not really a drinker so I haven't taken advantage of these (if you pass the university, prepare to be bombarded with flyers from the various nightclubs!)

    Sheffield have also got an AMAZING Basketball team - the Sheffield Sharks, who play at the EISS on Friday nights. They're a pro BBL team and are generally top of the league. My partner and I are season ticket holders and I'd definitely suggest a watch, even if you're not into sports (I never thought I'd enjoy sports but surprisingly loved the sharks!) The Sheffield Steelers also play ice hockey at the Arena but I don't know much about this...
  9. I'm just moving up from Nottingham so not too far but I've never been anywhere in Sheffield appart from Meadowhall...so I know I'm going to have some fun shopping but unfortunately I can't do that all the time!

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