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What is NQT time and how much time is allocated?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Captain Obvious, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    It will vary according to the phase you teach in. In secondary you're allocated a further 10% reduction in lessons, so you'd teach something like 20/21 lessons per week.
  2. Hello captain obvious,

    I have read a few posts with mixed advice. I am asking based on Primary and the lower phase. Is it 5% PPA time and 5% NQT time? Thanks again for your time and advice!
  3. It's 10% PPA and 10% NQT, I'm primary and basically wont be teaching for one whole day a week.
  4. All teachers have 10% reduction in their timetable for PPA. NQTs get an extra 10% reduction for NQT time. In total you'll get 20% non-contact time. (I actually think it's 9% and 18% but I'm not sure and it generally gets rounded up).
  5. Thank you! Is that 20% a week so technically a day equivalent non contact time! Thanks again!!
  6. You will be released from class for the equivalent of one full day per week. It might be that you are in school on Thursdays, but don't teach your class, for instance.
    It could also be arranged that you are out of the class on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons which would equate to 20% of the week.
  7. A NQT is entitled a to 10% PPA time and 10% NQT timereduction in the normal standard teachers' timetable. The exact amount of time will vary according to the exact timetable you ahve and the normal time allocated to a qualified teacher who does not have any reduction in teaching. So the combined reduction of PPA and NQT time is 19% (10% from 100% = 90% then 10% reduction of 90% = 9% hence 19% reducation)
    So the first thing youy need to know is what is the normal timetable for a teacher with no responsibilities or reducation in teaching time. Schoos should err in favour of the NQT is reducations are not exact.
    The Sage

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