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What is missing from my Reception classroom... please advise me!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by daisypetals, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I want to ensure I am covering all bases and providing my class with all of the learning oportunities that I can.

    If I give a rough list of what is on offer in my classroom, wondered if anyone might be able to spot anything missing that I could add to/ enhance my provision. I have:

    * A computer, with age-appropriate games / activities linked to our topic / theme
    * A book corner - children can look at both fiction/ non fiction books in a calm quiet area
    * Small world resources such as the Dolls house, Dinosaurs, farm animals
    * Writing area - they are into schools at the moment and always making registers and writing all sorts on their clipboards
    * Role play area - currently it is a studio - they can take orders on order forms, pay at the till, take photos with cameras or 'paint pictures' etc
    * Duplo, lego, stickle bricks, train track etc
    * Sorting toys such as linking elephants, compare bears
    * Art and craft area - cutting, painting, glueing
    * I also have lots in the drawers they can choose such as Lit / Num games, puzzles, colouring, whiteboards etc
    * Outdoor area including: bikes, wendy houses, sand, water, chalkboards, logs, activities on the ground such as counting, hopscotch, building bricks, dolls, pushchairs, numeracy activities such as unifix trays, puzzles
    I know there are things I missed but this is what springs to mind most readily, any tips on how I can enchance my provision are greatly appreciated :)
  2. malleable area?? Playdough etc
    Fine motor area with tweezers etc
    Your doing well!
  3. Do you have sand/water areas indoors?I only ask as some of ours love sand/water but hate going outside! How about large construction - carboard boxes etc.?
    We interwinded as much as poss manking sure maths/literacy are in all areas.
    Sounds like your covering most the bases.

  4. CD player to listen to nursery rhymes, stories or music (with headphones if possible).
  5. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    A few more things that I have mainly outdoors:
    Musical instruments, large and small.
    I have a 'stage' made with large community blocks for performances. Laminated songs/number rhymes.
    Sports activities: bats/balls/beanbags/hoops/targets/golf/skittles
    Guttering on fence diagonally for channelling water/balls/cars
    Windy day items: streamers/windmills.
    Number lines (washing line and pegs)
    Sensory area: hanging windchimes/cds/herbs/sensory path
    Digging area
    Brooms (the children in my class are mad about sweeping leaves and puddles at the mo.)
    Powder paints to go in puddles.
    Large decorator paintbrushes- children paint with the water
    Lining paper rolls for outdoor painting/mark-making
    Large chalks for floor.
    Large materials/pegs/ cushions for den making.

  6. butties

    butties Occasional commenter

    Science area with assorted shells, binoculars, minibeasts, kaleidoscopes, calculators, magnifying glasses,assorted wooden items, cameras, torches etc

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