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What is going to happen to KS5

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by SCRUMPY007, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I have mixed feelings about the whole 'Gove' scenario and will keep my thoughts to myself - for fear of feeding the trolls....
    My question is what will happen at KS5 - We currently teach the BTEC Level 3. I know the old A Level ICT had its problems. Does everyone think the only qualification will be the A Level Computing??
  2. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Nothing will change, there are several paths at KS5 for ICT and there are limited paths for computing and when the dust settles it will still be the case. Mr Gove's announcement signalled nothing but a request to teach a bit more computing at KS3 and KS4.
  3. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    I think we still need exercise some caution
    Some respondents in a 2009 research study by e-Skills said that ICT GCSE
    was “so harmful, boring and / or irrelevant it should simply be
    scrapped”. The Royal Society is so concerned that it has spent two years
    researching the problem with universities, employers, teachers and
    professional bodies – so I’m looking forward to its report, due to be
    published on Friday. And while ICT is so unpopular, there are grave
    doubts about existing Computer Science* 16-18 courses.

    if new Computer Science GCSEs are developed that meet high standards of
    intellectual depth and practical value, we will certainly consider
    including Computer Science as an option in the English Baccalaureate.

    * Not sure what he meant here, is this a catch-all phrase ?
    These don't sound like the words of someone who is waving the flag for current KS4/KS5 courses
  4. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    Who can actually say that A level ICT is of any use at all? It has zero value other than cheap UCAS points. The knowledge of the examiners is questionable at best and the content irelevant.
  5. My WJEC A Level syllabus irrelevant?
    Theory - mmmm, perhaps in many places but there again, irrelevant to whom?
    Practical - Heftily customised Excel spreadsheets with VBA customisation, the usual WP, Publisher and DTP - no, it's not irrelevant, much as some people would like it to be.
    A2 - Access databases, SQL queries, vba customisation again. Useful as a basis of a lot of things I reckon.
    I don't know what you want, messing aobut with Python on a Raspberry Pi?
    Definitive irrelevance?
  6. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    DTP-PowerPoint-Word - Year 12 - they can do this in yr 7
    Spreadsheet part, ok that could be useful
    Theory - no value whatever

    Db - 3rd normal form useful
    Theory - no value
  7. I'm not quite following that - if you can do something in Y7, it is of no use?

    And to be honest, how well can they do those things in Y7? In my school, they can't do them at all; in an average school, maybe they do them a bit; in a school for the middle class, they can use the techniques but tastelessly.

    Plenty of teachers can't use DTP-PowerPoint-Word properly, tastefully or without looking like &^$s,let alone those in industry.

    don't want to be argumentative or snidy but your authority surprises me a little.

    Thanks for that.
  8. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    So ICT curriculum is about developing taste?
    A level ICT is emmbarassing, trying to teach management to 18 year olds when there is a massive body of knowledge out there not being taught

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