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What is classed as a pregnancy related illness?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Maddox, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and have had a substantial amount of time off work that i wouldn't have normally taken. some of this was for morning sickness, dizziness, iron deficiency and low BP (all of which I can see the obvious pregnancy related sickness link for).
    BUT recently I've been off with recurring sinusitis and cold/flu symptoms (stopping me from being allowed my flu jab!). If I wasn't pregnant I'd take some cold and flu remedies and drag myself to work. However, not being able to take these plus the general exhaustion of pregnancy has meant I've taken days off. I've been told that they don't class as preg-related so go on my sickness record.
    Is this correct? If I've taken enough days off to result in a disciplinary stage have I got reasonable grounds to argue my case?
  2. I don't know this for certain but wouldn't it be classed as pregnancy related anyway as part of the problem is not being able to take medication which is because you are pregnant? Seems unreasonable otherwise.
    Good luck, x
  3. I can't find any information about what should be classed as pregnancy related illness. The advice seems to be, if possible, to get a doctors note to state that the illness was related to your pregnancy.
  4. I think a lot of the time it depends on how laid back your HT is. Mine was great and what days I did take were just put as pregnancy related whether it was or not, she was really good like that but it was only a couple of days I think.
    If your previous absences were pg related they can't use that as a case to proceed to disciplinary as they can't use it on your record so they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Your union can advise.
  5. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Is it only me that's freaked out by the way schools do this these days? Back in the good old days you wouldn't have had a case to answer, unless of course you were just a skiver, which I'm sure isn't the case with you. They never even mentioned it when people were off, except for the ones obviously pushing it.
    And it makes me angry, if someone is genunely ill whether pregnant or not they deserve ympathy. Otherwis eyou will get some women, not most of course, skiving just cos they can, and a bloke who is genuinely ill, say with a flu like illness, who can't take meds because of some other medication, who gets hassled. What is the moral differnce?
    I would point out to the head you are being stressed by this, which can't be good for the baby.
    FYI unless they've chnged the law, if you are off with a preg related illness they can make you start mat leave. This may of coiurse have changed since my time.
  6. Just thinking about this some more. I don't know if you plan on working beyond 36wks but if you do it may be worth reconsidering pushing for sinusitis to be pregnancy related.
    For example, if you plan to work to 38wks and have a couple of days off for sinus problems at 36wks school could say it was preg related and it would automatically trigger your maternity leave so you would lose two weeks at full pay as it wouldn't count as sick leave.
  7. Thanks for all the info, I wish there was a straight answer though! I've been put on a stage 1 absence warning so I'll be 'discussing' it with SLT soon.
    I'm leaving at around 31 weeks, I also have SPD so going early means I'll suffer from this less (it's been hideous this week!). I just hate the fact I feel like a big fraud all the time, there's a really good work ethos at school with few absences so I feel like I stick out as someone who's been off a lot (it's not actually that many days, it's just enough seperate episodes to get me to stage 1, annoyingly by 1 absence - the one I'll be 'discussing'!)
    I'll be dragging myself in from now on, even if it means taking more paracetamol and antibiotucs than I'd like!

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