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What is best assessment tool for EYFS? Help!!

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Happy Chappy, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone

    I need some help with regards to EYFS online assessment tools. We currently use EYFS target tracker as a standalone product as the rest of the school have all their data input into Sims.

    I have read up on lots of products out there such as 2build a profile, look@me, Orbit, Otrack, Fingertips and Tapestry. Our office staff really want to make EYFS go on to Sims also however this product doesn't allow evidence to be upload, it doesn't allow groups of pupils to have data input at once and it will make the lengthy process of uploading data even longer.

    I want to know what everyone else uses. I have spoken to a few other schools who give all the data to the office to upload, meaning teachers are not expected to upload to Sims. I would rather go back to highlighting DM statements on paper than use Sims. I spoke to a Sims rep and looked at screens it all looked very complicated and something I would not want to get wrong (as it is so precious to office staff).

    Target tracker is the preferred choice as it creates all reports on progress between term to term, teaching staff have been trained on it and at end of year all data can be exported into Sims or to local authority for end of year reporting of data. Do any of the other assessment tools offer this option?

    Would love to hear from anyone. Which is best for uploading evidence, tracking progress and reporting progress to create instant reports?

    I want something that is going to be manageable as time is always limited and I don't fancy missing out on my own family life.

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