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What is an adverbial phrase?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by wolverina, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Thanks for that. Do our kids really need to know all this or shouldn't we encourage them to just enjoy writing?

  2. [​IMG] You're welcome. I know what you're saying! Have you seen Pie Corbett books? Ive used Jumpstart Literacy - I use some of the games as starters, a bit like mental maths.

  3. Have used a Pie Corbett book for writing stories. Loads of fab ideas but never seem to have the time to follow things through! Would love to take a story and read it from start to finish just for the sheer love of reading and not have to analize every other paragragh.I can remember having The 39 Steps read to us in Primary on a Friday afternoon. Elbows crossed on desk and heads down eyes closed! What a wonderful world of imagination and pictures in our heads just from having a story read to us!
  4. I see an adverbial phrase as a headed construction.That is, a group of words with an adverb as its head/antecedent that does the work of an adverb.
    Prepositional phrase,noun phrase, adverb, adverb phrase and adverbial clause may perform the same function of modifying a verb, adjective or an adverb but they are all referred to as adverbials.
    Consider these examples;
    Eddy answered <u>immediately</u> (adverb)
    Eddy answered <u>very quickly</u> (adverb phrase)
    Eddy answered <u>in English</u> (prepositional phrase)
    <address> Eddy answered <u>this morning</u> (noun phrase)</address><address> Eddy answered in English <u>because he had a foreign visitor</u> (adverbial claues)

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