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what is a transition mentor?? please help

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by mjkthorpe, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. HI

    I was hoping someone can help.

    I have
    been asked to act as a transition mentor to children who have just
    entered year 7 and are registered with the pupil referal unit.

    was given a brief job description that essentially said that for the
    first week i was to go into classes with groups of children (different
    ones each morning/afternoon and each day) and "acclimatise" myself with
    their work and the children and then take them out in groups of 4 or so
    and do different activities with them, talking about any problems etc.

    the only thing is i wasn't given much of an idea of how to actually do this and what normally happens.

    could anyone help me please?

  2. 03KILNERS

    03KILNERS New commenter

    This is only my interpretation of the role. The way I would do it is as you say get to know the students first. I would then start group mentoring sessions. See what there notes say and try to make it specific. So it may be around anger management, following rules (why rules are there), anything that may come up in their notes. Something I would definately look up is SEAL (social, emotional aspects of learning).
    Its all about keeping them out of the pupil referral unit and keeping them in school, you may want to introduce individual report systems and do work around positive behaviour, spotting the good etc.
    Good luck and it sounds an exciting opportunity.


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