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What is a living wage?

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by roseangel, May 26, 2012.

  1. Impossible to say. What is a fortune for one is penury for another. A lot will depend on where you live and the lifestyle you want. Some would be happy eating cheap food and doing little that costs money. Others want to spend their retirement taking lots of holidays. Some have other family members to support, others have only themselves to consider. Some have other sources of income, many don't. There are just too many variables to take into account.
    However, you can draw up a list of what you need and what you want and see how much this will cost to achieve. Once you aren't working you will probably find that you have more time to shop around for bargains, more time to cook, time to go regularly to the library, time to meet friends etc. You won't be so stressed and so frazzled. Gym memberships can be replaced by long walks. Ready meals unnecessary. You won't need to pay to travel to work, you won't need smart clothes on a daily basis.
    Think carefully about what you want from retirement. Balance this with why you want to retire. Consider how you can make any extra money. Remember that if you are taking early retirement you can do as much supply teaching as you like, if you can get any that is.
    My pension is only a fraction of my previous income but I top it up with supply work and we manage just fine. It was definitely worth it because the job had become hellish. However, I love doing supply work. All the good bits without any of the bureaucracy.
    Good luck whatever you decide. My advice is go as soon as you can if you aren't enjoying it any more.
  2. Thanks Rosie! I have been thinking about doing supply but that is obviously not reliable., although all the people I know who do supply often get long-term contracts and once they are known by schools get asked back time and time again. Mr Gorgy says it would be the pits but the changes at work are so massive that I want to know I can go if I need to. I am not an extravagant person, I don't really drink but I do want the best food!! I am still enjoying it (I think) but I feel that the changes will affect me badly and I am not prepared to put my happiness on the line. Time will tell.


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