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What is a good salary in Qatar?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by deleted177, May 3, 2008.

  1. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I agree with Judy, it's over-egged.
    Decent schools issue the multi-exit visa without any issue, some even pay the fee themselves as it means they won't have to bother running to the ministry each time vacation rolls around, and it makes for happy teachers. Ask at interview if one will be issued. Ask for email addresses of current staff, and write them with various questions, including whether the school gives multiexit visas. Schools that won't give out addresses- that's a huge red flag.
    As for not being able to go to another school, again from the decent schools it is not an issue. If you finish your contract as agreed, decent schools will give you a release to go elsewhere. Another question to ask at interview and in those emails to current teachers. Yes, even the decent schools reserve the right not to give this release to a teacher who has behaved badly, but I can't say I have much of an issue with that. If someone screws the school over, why would they expect the school to do them a good turn? Judy mentions it can be abused, and I suppose it can, but what's the reality? The good schools aren't abusing it, and you can find out about that by writing to current teachers.
  2. I have been engaged in extensive research over recent months regarding my move to Qatar and I agree with the general opinion that seems to come through the messages posted on this thread............
    be careful about the school you have decided to work for and ensure that your sponsors are reputable.

    As far as life in Qatar, I know this could be a bit difficult at first but again I have looked on different websites and there is a life to be had in Qatar as long as you want to get involved.

    I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to this thread as I have found the information and opinions interesting reading..... especially regarding what is thought to be a decent salary and comments regarding accommodation.

    I am looking forward to my move and enjoying life in another new country.
  3. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Several postings have said, "The exit visa business is no problem, if your school is a reputable one." Wonderful! This is of enormous benefit to all teachers who have intimate knowledge of the administration of all the schools in Doha and who are able to make a free and fully informed choice about which schoool they would like to teach at. However, it is a fat lot of use to the rest of us.

    Multiple exit visas will not be given at all schools in Doha.

    At the start of the year, most of the new teachers at my school did not know what an exit visa was until they arrived in Doha.

    Last but not least, more and more new schools are starting up in Doha, so it is even harder to tell which are the "reputable" ones.
  4. Sorry if I'm repeating but haven't read all the posts. Latest thread about TV channel school has 'disappeared' again and that is another 'red flag' as mentioned earlier. I agree to request email contact with current staff. Us ex-residents sometimes have an axe to grind and can lose touch with reality fairly quickly. Didn't get multi-exit visas at above school but that may change due to recent developments (hopefully that's not just wishful thinking.) On the subject of exiting I found that because of Qatar Air monopoly flights were quite expensive.
  5. deadly lampshade

    deadly lampshade New commenter

    Sorry Sweetie

    Qatar Airways most certainly do not have a monopoly on flying out of Doha. I have used them but I have also flown to the UK with BA, Etihad and Emirates. This summer I'm using Turkish Airlines. Friends are flying with Gulf and KLM. Those are just the ones I know of off the top of my head, there may be others. But, you are right, none of them are what you would call a bargain.
  6. But they do have a monopoly on direct flights from Doha to UK. BA go via Bahrain for instance, Emirates via Dubai.
  7. Basic, top of the scale salary at DC with no responsibility is c. 15000QR. This includes the nominal "travel allowance"
  8. hi all, I'm interested in applying for teaching post in qatar. was told that free accommodation is part of package (which is great), but is accommodation suitable for husband & child too...or is it like a bed sit?
    Please advice.....all info much appreciated.
  9. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    The accommodation issue is usually left rather vague at many Doha schools. Sometimes the schools genuinely do not know what accommodation will be available, especially as rents keep going up and, not surprisingly, there are new apartment blocks being built all over the place. Sharing accommodation is fine, if you're a university student. It's not okay if you are in your forties or fifties.

    To go back to a point I made in a previous posting, you cannot get visas of any kind if you do not have your passport or your Qatari ID card (often called a "residency visa"). The really bad news here is that you need to hand over your passport in order to get your ID, as I did. I finally had my passport returned to me, together with my new ID card, FOUR MONTHS LATER. Is this typical for Qatar? Probably.

    Several postings have suggested that there will be no problem getting a "release letter" if you are working at a reputable school. Unfortunately, some schools claim to have "Western" management, but really they don't.

  10. Hippo is quite correct. There are many iffy schools in Qatar. Exit visas can be stressful as in a certain school staff get them an hour or so before leaving for the Airport. Don't knock the guy he is living the experience.

    At the apple and scientist school, staff are told that Qar 9900 a month is top of scale. Also there seems to be no chance of an increase after a year as in many schools.

    Offers over QAR 12000 for basic teachers looks good to me.
  11. A couple of years ago teachers at TV school were on 11,000 + extras and SMT were in the 16,000 range
  12. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, bully for the teachers at the TV school. What you did not mention is whether or not they had to wait four months for their Qatari ID. You also did not mention the little business of accommodation. As I said in my previous posting, sharing an apartment with someone you have never met before might be okay when you are at university, but it is not acceptable when you are in your forties. It also means that there are going to be problems if you want friends and family to come and stay in Doha. The shortage of available rental accommodation in Qatar means that this is a problem that is getting worse, not better, as the many postings on www.qatarliving.com will show you.

    When thinking about salaries, you have to remember that the "package" you will be getting in Doha is rather different to what you would be getting at an international school in Europe or at some other schools in the Middle East. Any consideration of salaries needs to take these other factors into account. For example, as I said in a previous posting, many schools in Qatar claim to have "Western administration", but often the reality is quite different. Some Qatari school owners can (and do) interfere in the running of the school on a daily basis.
  13. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Hippo, you seem a little aggressive with your view. It seems you had a bad experience, and from what you write your school was not a good one. But please don't discount the good schools in Qatar. Most schools offer private accommodation, and I wouldn't recommend any that ask teachers to share. Getting the resident permit takes usually at least 6-8 weeks, if the school is totally on top of it and has some clout with the powers that be. With the start of school coming in Ramadan recently and again this year, expect that to be extended at least a bit. Schools that are less organized and lower on the totem pole take longer still, another sign that yours was not a happy place.
    The TV school offers private accommodation, by the way, though that doesn't necessarily make it a good place to go.
    Prospective teachers should seek out more definite information on which schools fall in which category, information which can't be given on this site, but which can be gotten by contacting current teachers at the schools.
  14. After living and teaching in Qatar for two years it seems to me that there are at present only about 6 or 7 schools worth working at. They are also the ones which are very over subscribed. Be very careful about signing a contract. I think that the decent schools are offering basic salaries in excess of 12 500. Also beware of contracts that state that you will be paid for working over 40 hours a week. In my school that is yet to happen.Who in their right minds can limit a teacher to an 8 hour day?
    Good luck with the research.
  15. TV school did have salaries to 11,000 - these are the top range ones. The lower ones I believe are 8 or 9 thousand. They haven't had a pay rise for about 4 years but are getting one next year. 12000 is a good one.
  16. i heard that working abroad for a few years can affect your pension. is that true? does anyone know more about this?
  17. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Dear gulfgolf, well, maybe I did come over as a bit sarcastic or aggressive. I must be honest and say that I am a bit piqued with all of the postings on this thread that say, "Yes, working in Qatar is fine. All you have to do is go to a reputable school." This is not quite as easy as some people think, especially if you have never been to Qatar and do not know anyone who is currently teaching here. It seems to me that some schools in Doha are not terribly forthcoming with information for prospective teachers and, indeed, seem to go out of their way to conceal ceratin unpleasant little things.
  18. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Well hippo, we agree on a lot. There are only a few schools in Qatar I'd consider working at, and you're right that some are not forthcoming. I stick to the advice I've always given, for anyone considering a job anywhere, get yourself in contact with someone who's already there and ask some real questions. It's the only way to be sure that you're not getting fed a line by the recruiter. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard, but it's always a good idea. I wish this forum could provide that sort of detail, but that's the rules, and at least we can support each other with broad warnings and advice.
    Still, when I think about lines like 'only about 6 or 7 schools worth working at', a line I can certainly agree with, that's still an awful lot of choice. So many places in the world, there's just 1 or 2 or 0 international schools in the city, total, and no telling how many are worth your time to apply. At least in Doha there's a handful to pick from.
    And I stand by my point that the length of time to get a residence visa is largely out of the school's control. Recruiters should be honest about this and admit that you could be without your passport for 2-3 months, maybe more. Most schools can get it done quicker, your school seems well below the mark, but there's no guarantee of any specific timeline. On the other hand, in those few cases I know where someone had to leave unexpectedly for a family emergency, the school was always able to get the passport back very quickly, so there's no real danger, just the fact that you shouldn't plan on a vacation outside Qatar in the first few months.
    Have you gone to International School Review and posted the specifics on whatever school it is that's done you so badly? They might have some system where you can post a review without paying for membership, and you'd know you'd done someone a favour by helping them avoid a bad decision.
  19. I have to agree with some of what Hippo has written. Some schools claim to be "international", but really they are filling up with Qatari brats. Some schools also say that they have "Western management", when in fact the owner of the school is the one with the real power ands the school's principal is little more than a figurehead.
  20. anyone know more about the what i had asked in post 57? thanks

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