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What is a good salary in Qatar?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by deleted177, May 3, 2008.

  1. Fair enough golfgulf.
  2. deadly lampshade

    deadly lampshade New commenter

    Gulfgolf, we agree on many of your points... 18,000 is not the NORM in the ME... most schools pay less... many a lot less.... and I apologize for calling you a pompous twit.... uncalled for and not needed.



    Judycheek's college posts are accurate


    The QP schools in Qatar are giving 19,000 in pay per month next year... + many benefits. I've seen a contract, it's not BS.

  3. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Thanks for the apology. Man to man, enough said.
    Agree with all points.
    I've been hearing the rumours about QP for some months, and following with interest. Good to hear some confirmation. Still, not Doha. Living out in the middle of nowhere deserves a higher salary, methinks. Still, I wouldn't do it personally. Could be a great life for the quieter sort.

  4. I am about to be a "Q"uite "P"uzzled expat and my contract is nowhere near 19K + + + now wondering why 11K base on my contract.

    Anyone else in my boat?

  5. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I'm almost afraid to wade in here, having gotten it wrong before...
    First, there could be a difference in years of experience between you and deadly's friend.
    Second, what is your total monthly take-home? What I'd heard previously about QP's new schools was that their base pay was similar to other schools, but the added on extras for travel allowance, remote living and so on were quite substantial. Is your total pay closer to the 18,000 range? That would take us back to the earlier questions of base versus total pay, but it would explain the difference you're seeing...

  6. Hi GG thanks for reply - I know what you mean - sometimes the 'water' is quite rough and wading is dangerous!

    15 years including SMT here but not coming to SMT role. I guess by the time I add 11k + Inducement + Transport I'm at 15K and then add on average remote brings up to 16K. Then add accom and guess it all comes out in wash.

    Cheers mate - have a good one.


  7. yep im in the same boat jack...I'm guessing the accomendation, transport etc... make up the difference, unless it's 19k including extras.
    You heading out to dukhan btw?
  8. Not sure still working through the options wondering if I'm missing out on the big bucks elsewhere. You?

  9. Yea, I'm more or less ready to go...I liked the head and it seems like a nice enough school, can't be much worse than the UK state system...
  10. Hello all,

    I have been offered a position at an international school in Doha. The offer seems very good to me but I would appreciate any feedback:

    -QR13,500 per month
    -QR 450 per month travel allowance
    -QR 16,000 per month accommodation
    -water and electricity bills paid for
    -return flights for myself and my wife
    -full medical covergae for myself and my wife
    -free schooling for the children (if we had any!)
    -gratuity as per Qatari labour laws


  11. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    That sounds a very good package. Some schools in Doha pay a lot less and you have to share accommodation.
  12. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    That's quite good overall.
    I'd check about the housing though. Currently that seems to be a more than adequate amount, as in you can get something pretty nice at that price. But prices seem to keep going up, so you've got a couple choices: spend less than that at the start, assuming rent'll go up and the excess will get absorbed, spend the limit now and be out of pocket later, or negotiate with the school so you are getting actual housing of a specified standard rather than an allowance. Or will they guarantee allowance increases indexed to land inflation?
    I don't want to put you off, not at all. It's a good offer. Just look into the housing and think carefully so that you won't be a jam in a year or two.
    If you do take the allowance, try to sign a two year rental contract to avoid an increase after a year.
  13. Many thanks for the replies. The school will pay additional money for the rent if the place I am in becomes more expensive throughout the duration of my contract.

    Gulfgulf, would QR 16,000 be enough for a small villa?
  14. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I'm not intimately familiar with the housing market in Qatar, just have an overview.
    I'm guessing that the answer depends on how you define villa and small. Villa is commonly used in the gulf to describe any number of different types of houses. It could mean detached, semi-detached, stand-alone or in a compound, furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished, from two bedrooms to seven and up. Yard size varies from postage stamp to room for days. Some include maid quarters, which lots of people use as storage if they don't have a live-in. Facilities vary considerably, with some compounds having none and others having pools, gyms and clubhouses. Furnished detached in a well-equipped compound will likely cost you the most, and would likely be beyond your limit except for the smallest. Unfurnished or semi-furnished in a local neighbourhood would get you a lot more house, but less facilities.
    It's hard for me to say what your limit will buy exactly. I suggest deciding which things are most important and looking for those. If you want the whole package and tons of space, it'll be a lot harder.
    Keep in mind that villas in the ME tend to have larger rooms than places in the UK, speaking quite generally, so even a two bedroom flat could be a lot roomier than the two bedroom flat you're leaving.
  15. 16K in Doha would probably get you an older villa or a small new villa. It would get you a decent sized apartment. rents in Doha are crazy. Way too high and rising.
  16. dcjaz
    If you don't mind me asking, was your offer from the school connected to a British scientist?
  17. Zoro - Not that I am aware of unless your comment is too cryptic for me? Care to elaborate?
  18. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    The truth is that there is no free market for teachers in Doha. The sponsorship laws (something that no one else seems to have mentioned) means that you cannot leave one school in Qatar and go and get a job at another one. No, you have to leave the country. Another little problem is that you cannot leave Doha without an exit visa and these are unobtainable without your sponsor's approval. Therefore I would advise anyone who is considering applying for a teaching post in Doha to think very carefully before you apply and find out the full details.
  19. You over egg the cake hippo. This exit visa thing...all reputable schools issue these as a matter of course..it's not a big deal. You (as has been mentioned before) can also obtain (for a small fee) a multiple exit visa which lasts for a year and means you don't have the hassle of getting an exit visa every time you want to head to the airport.
    The exit visa is the Qataris' way of keeping tabs on who is entering and leaving the country. As employers would be responsible for your debts if you disappeared into the night, you have to 'seek their permission' to leave. For all reputable schools this is a formaility. Is the system abused..sure it is, many low paid workers find that the conditions and wages are not what they expected once they arrive in Doha but cannot leave their contract and return home because their employers won't issue the correct papers...they are conned and trapped. That this happens is even acknowledged in the highly restricted 'free' local press. However, it won't be an issue for reputable schools.
  20. Agree with your comments on sponsorship and "reputable" schools.......the problem is, for those applying from outside Qatar.....how do they distinguish the "reputable" schools??? There are so many that are not...you only have to read the (true) threads of a notable Academy in Doha (whose name is not the BBC Academy but another tv channel!!) to learn about the terrible abuse that does go on. So, yes, all applicants to Qatar BE CAREFUL about which schools you apply for.
    But getting multi-exit visas is not just a matter of paying...it is not at all as simple as portrayed in previous post and very often they cannot be obtained...that's how the employers keep their stranglehold...you CAN'T just get multiple visas by merely paying.
    But there are one or two reputable schools (but even they can turn difficult if you don't do what they consider to be "reputable" too so it works both ways).
    Just check all the facts when applying to schools in Doha....try to speak personally to someone who knows or who personally knows someone else who knows...whose advise you feel you can trust.
    Don't necessarily trust the schools themselves. Sorry if that's bad news but it's sensible news.

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