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what interview questions will they ask me for playworker?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by claire_owen, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Hey
    I am looking for a Easter hol and Summer hol job and have an interview for a playworker. I am pretty rubbish at interviews and don't come across like 'my face will fit' very much. So I feel quite nervous and lack in confidence and seem to mess up when not thinking and not fulfill my potential and live up to the expectation that I won't get it.
    Anyway, has anyone had an interview for a Playworker before? What questions will they ask? I am wondering if this will be a formal interview or just a informal chat where they work out that I am not a completely imcompetent and useless! How serious will a summer job be taken?

    Anyone help me out?
  2. Hello,
    I worked as a playworker last summer and most holidays since then.
    At my interview (which was very short and informal) I was asked about the importance of play, to give an example of a time I had had to manage a fallout between 2 children and what skills I would bring to the team.
    I did have a playworker / youthworker interview more recently (again very chatty / informal) where I was asked how I would manage child protection concerns, how I would plan sessions, etc.
    I got both jobs, and experience as a teacher will stand you in good stead. Usually for playwork they are looking for someone who can relate to children / young people, work in a child focussed and inclusive way, and who works well as part of a team. Behaviour management helps too!
    Hope this helps and good luck with the interview.

  3. Hi Clare
    I have worked in playschemes for 7 years and have had 2 very different interviews. I worked for manchester city counil and had a very formal panel interview. The questions were to do with making play fun e.g. how would you engage children in the painting activity. Your answers need to have examples (Make them up but think before hand so it flows).
    The second job I went for was for MAP which is working with children with disablilities and their siblings. I went in was asked 4 very simple questions and was shocked at how simple it was. Basically how will you support a child who is unable to speak - use picture cards, sign language ask parents what is the best way etc.... At the end they asked me if I had any questions I asked what the other roles were on the interview letter. They explained and asked if i would like to be considered. I did and they were more management questions and organisation of staff. I got the job as the play leader meaning the highest position, getting paid £10.35 an hour and having work every summer. So if you get the interview bit right it can mean more work at times when you won't get paid through supply.
    Hope that helps
    Good luck

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