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What if you fail you first term as an NQT? Can you start again?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by vesna_nikolovska75, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. vesna_nikolovska75

    vesna_nikolovska75 New commenter

    It seems that I am heading to a negative assessment this term for my induction year, so I was wondering what happens if I am assessed as "not meeting standards"? Can I start again next term? What if I change schools?
  2. BethML7xx

    BethML7xx New commenter


    I’m in my first term of NQT year too and from what I believe, you can’t fail a term. You either fail the whole year or pass. However, I’d double check with your LA and school.
    Is there a reason you’re up for a negative assessment? Surely, they just postpone and extend the term?
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  3. Keep_hope_alive

    Keep_hope_alive New commenter

    Hi, I second above, you can't fail a term. Click the NQT topic in the community forum and theres a post pinned there. Your not going to be perfect in your first term, not even your last term as an NQT.
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  4. surfblue33

    surfblue33 New commenter

    I completely bombed my first term NQT observation as I was so nervous. The two people observing me had seen me teach many times before and said that this was no true reflection of my ability. I was told to get my nerves under control and had a reassessment, which went really well.
    Also, you can’t fail your first or second term. You’d just get a tick in the box “not making expected progress” and support would be put in place for you to meet those standards.
    Speak to your mentor and identify any problems, see if they agree. Then work out a plan. Being proactive about it is key here I think.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    absolutely correct and good advice about being proactive.

    it's the third Induction term that is the clincher. You can be deemed not to be on track to meet standards in terms 1 and 2, and then you can meet all standards in term3 and pass Induction.
    you can be in track in terms 1 and 2 but fail to have met all standards by the end of term 3 and fail Induction.
    induction might be extended if their are extenuating circumstances that the awarding body accept, but it is risky to felt on that. If you feel during term 3 that it is not looking good, it's often best to get Union support to negotiate an early release. If the Induction term is not completed, no verdict can be passed and the final induction term can be started again.
    If you sense that it will not come good at the school earlier in Induction, follow normal resignation rules and look for another post.
    You might find it difficult to get a contract job with 'not meeting standards' paperwork. A maternity cover or other long-term supply work could be the way forward. It's how I completed Induction 18 years ago.
    Fail induction and it's Game Over for ever being employed as a teacher in the State 5-16 sector.
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  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If anyone reaches the final Induction term and it's not going well, there is another tactic. If your total sick leave or other absences across Induction amount to more than 30 days they cannot judge the final term until you have worked the excess days. The school would probably be happy to release you at the end of the school year (31st Aug in most cases) and you could use the health issues to explain any negative Induction oaperwork.
    whilst waiting to secure new Induction work you have an allowance of short term supply work (up to 5 years from gaining your QTS)

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