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What I ordered : What has just been delivered to my classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Grandsire, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Grandsire

    Grandsire Senior commenter

    12 packets of coloured pencils : 5 packets of coloured pencils
    30 pairs of scissors : 10 pairs of scissors and 60 rulers
    36 fineliners : 12 fineliners
    6 rolls of selotape : 1 very small roll of selotape and 1,500 paperclips
    12 packets of oil pastels : 2 packets of oil pastels, and a huge class set of wax crayons
    sheets of sticky labels, laminating pouches and plastic wallets : plastic wallets

    So why bother asking us what stock we needed in the first place?
  2. Grandsire

    Grandsire Senior commenter

    12 packets of coloured pencils : 5 packets of coloured pencils
    30 pairs of scissors : 10 pairs of scissors and 60 rulers
    36 fineliners : 12 fineliners
    6 rolls of selotape : 1 very small roll of selotape and 1,500 paperclips
    12 packets of oil pastels : 2 packets of oil pastels, and a huge class set of wax crayons
    sheets of sticky labels, laminating pouches and plastic wallets : plastic wallets

    So why bother asking us what stock we needed in the first place?
  3. Last year as I was moving department, my stock was ordered for me by the other EYFS teacher. I still have most of it in my cupboards!!! She also used most of the budget for the year on one stock order eeeeeek. This year I have ordered very little.
  4. chubbyone

    chubbyone New commenter

    We have the same problem. I get stuff that I do not need ( rubbers, string, paperclips) and stuff I do need not much. Also it really annoys me when the pencil crayons have been dropped from a great height so when you sharpen them they just break!!!!! Although have to say that generally we can go at any time and get stuff throughout the year. The only thing we always run out of it glue sticks. I can have a heart attack when I see one in the pot without it's lid on!!!!!!!!!!!! I find myself saving lids and having a lid monitor!!!!!!! Suppose I should use the 15 bottles of pva but it is just so messy.
  5. ges


    It needn't be messy, chubbyone. One of the first things I show my class each year is how I expect glue to be used. Only a small amount of glue in the pot; dip the glue stick; scrape the glue off; apply what's left to the paper/card; press the surfaces together for five seconds; Bob's your uncle.
  6. Sillow

    Sillow Senior commenter

    We're given a set box of stuff, a lot of it useful but some not. It included 2 boxes of treasury tags... I don't use treasury tags. There were also 2 new packs of blue-tak... I still have a pack from last year. 10 new pencil sharpeners... I managed not to lose any last year, so now have nearly enough for one each!
    No new coloured biros for marking. And I still don't have enough rulers for one each.
  7. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    I'll be starting in a new school this term, I went into school last week to get my classroom ready, we have no new stock, no new pencils, pens or rulers, no new rubbers, glue or scissors. How hideous for the children, welcome to your new class and here's some tatty, nasty, chewed pencils to be getting on with! I have had a productive few days with the order books and asked for an express delivery!
  8. Grandsire

    Grandsire Senior commenter

    Have some of mine. I now have an overflowing ruler tray and two unopened boxes. The office staff appear to think they're single-use items, unlike selotape, which of course can be reused again and again....
    Our pencils come with ready-broken leads, too. One year we even had a note from the suppliers to the effect: "We are aware that our customers have reported that these pencils tend to break easily, so please accept these free pencil sharpeners..."
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I think I could arrange a bit of a swap with some of you..

    I'm moving to a new classroom which appears to have:

    About 8 old and tatty pairs of scissors...for 30 year 2 children!

    No rubbers or pencil sharpeners at all.

    15 pencils and no pens.

    A set of about 50 sheets of A3 paper, but no A4 at all.

    About 15 broad colouring pens and no colouring pencils.

  10. I have no budget at all.... Anything you don't want I'll have!!
  11. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    We don't appear to be constrained by a budget of any sort! Basically, whatever you want within reason you can have. I have drawers full of coloured pencils and felt pens-including a boxfull of "nice" ones for special! ( even though I hate colouring in with felt pens!), rulers in a wide variety of materials-clear plastic 30cm, wooden 30cm, clear 15cm, a drawer literally overflowing with whiteboard pens, glue sticks, reams of paper, white A4 and pastel colours too! pens and pencils galore,every table even has it's own hole punch and stapeler! In fact the only thing I seem to be relatively short of is scissors, I shall have to order some on Monday!
    I'm always amazed in the differences in supplies available in schools. I worked in one once where I literally had to buy penciuls for my class as we didn't have any!
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    When I first moved to my school all Key Stages were allocated a budget which was spent to the last penny regardless. I moved to Y2 last year and discovered exercise books dated 2001...2002 ...2003...2004 (you get the picture) the same with pencils and crayons, gallons of purple ready mix paint, a mountain of tissue paper (which I have attempted to reduce at every oportunity - so much tissue so little time) and a huge box of plasticine that had long since dried up... what a waste of the budget

  13. I'm very jealous! We aren't given a budget: we have to go grovelling to the administrator if we want to buy anything above the basics we are provided with. We are allocated 6 glue sticks per class per term, and six packs of coloured pencils per class per year.... the only other thing ordered for us is exercise books.
    I was shocked when I started: there are no art or craft supplies to speak of, very little DT consumables... hardly anything really.
    I bought pencils last year too. There were simply none to be had anywhere in school, and although I asked for some to be ordered, they weren't. We'd got to the stage in my class where children were sharing writing pencils, so I gave in and bought some.

  14. For the first time ever since l started work in my school, we have exercise books AND pencils ready for the begining of the year - Once we were over 3 weeks in before they arrived!
    No new school diaries though, not even sure we're getting them at all this year
    And don't get me started on glue sticks! (But l have 2 protractors per child!)
    But at least l'll have the joy of getting the books sorted on day 1!
  15. Love the randomness of 60 rulers! Could you start some kind of inter-staff matchmaking service where you swap 2 rules for a glue stick?
    As for inheriting random store cupboards of stuff - I acquired 56 glue sticks (she'd obviously been squirrelling them away for years) and about 1000 poly pockets... oh and the arm of a skeleton that was sat arm-less in the science cupboard - which I did have a bit of fun with tapping one kid on the shoulder with it (knew he'd take the joke) - the temptation was just too much not to!
  16. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    OMG, I feel so lucky! We're basically given a catalogue and told to order. Obviously, we can't take the p1s5, but I have got new rulers, crayons, pencils, glue, scissors, blah blah. I feel very fortunate.
  17. I feel pretty lucky now. At the beginning of July we have a HUGE delivery of books, pencils, rulers, art supplies and everything else we might need. It all goes into one central stockroom and we just help ourselves to what we need. As far as I know nobody ever takes the mick so even if you're the last one to go there is still plenty of stock. It doesn't necessarily stay that way during the year and we seem to constantly have a shortage of glue sticks and yellow display paper, but at least we can start the year with plenty of nice new things [​IMG]
  18. Because builders have been in my new school doing extensive work and they had to empty pretty much every storage cupboard and stash everything in one place, my classroom has 28 whiteboards and about 20 whiteboard pens (half of which don't work very well LOL) and that is it. I have asked and been told the order is due in on the first day back (INSET) let's hope so or we will be working on whiteboards all day on Tuesday and sharing pens LOL
    Also no exercise books yet either..... they are due on first day back too.
    Could be an interesting first week LOL I am a bit worried about it to be honest and not planning on spending my own money on basics - already spent enough on bits schools don't provide but things that make my life easier :)
    My last school had a central store and you helped yourself at my previous school each year group had a budget but we had a surplus store (I think they were hoarding LOL) although I was only allowed 100 A4 laminating sheets for the whole year for my class - wish someone had told me that BEFORE I lamaminated a phonics chart for each child and the letter strips, number squares and other bits for the SEN kids - I had run out by the second week! (I was told by the TA that the other year group teacher had about 20 packets of laminating sheets in her cupboard so I think this was her rules not mine. She also told me I couldn't take anything with me I had made at the school but since I had laminated them at home with the laminating sheets I had purchased out of my own money, I took them anyway when I left!)
    The school before that issued each class with a standard 'class set' of equipment. You could get more from the office but got the third degree everytime you wanted anything. Our year group seemed to get through a lot of pencils and post it notes.
  19. Sillow

    Sillow Senior commenter

    Perhaps we need to set up a 'School Swap Shop'...
  20. EEEEEEEeeek!!

    Ding dong!!!!


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