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What have you done today?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted680, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. I really need to do some work. I'm putting on a revision session for 200 History students next Monday after school and I haven't even started on it yet. I know what I want to do, but instead of doing it I've been to Sainsbury's wasting time, walked the dog until he decided to turn around and head for home, and now I'm wasting time on here.
  2. Today I have:
    Arisen at 9.45.
    Played on the computer.
    Tidied up.
    Sorted some stuff out in the loft.
    Looked through situations vacant and found nothing suitable.
    Watched the news whilst eating breakfast (it started out so well with fresh fruit and yogurt but then Son2 called in "Do you want a pain au chocolat?").
    Later I shall:
    Make dinner.
    Take the bottles and the conifer to the tip.
    Make Son2 clear out his cupboard so I can give it a good clean.
    Ring the insurance company to change my contents insurance.
    Play on the computer some more.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I'm about to put on my gardening gear and go out and dig a few more holes, rearrange a few more weeds and/or lift and split a few more perennials.
    After two days of miserable rain I'll be glad to have an excuse for continuing to ignore the domestic chaos which surrounds me.
    I'm having to limit myself to 2pm starts so as not to exacerbate the bad back that is stopping me from going out there earlier than 2pm. I'm inclined to forget about time when I'm gardening.

    I may change the water in the fish tank later - it's well overdue.
  4. So far:
    Got up at 8 (so late!)
    Baked bread.
    Had a late breakfast with the kids.
    Tidied up, half-heartedly.
    Did some laundry.
    Decided not to iron.
    Sorted out some paperwork regarding Mum's will.
    Reheated left-over Shephard's pie for lunch.
    Went for a walk with kids down by the Rhine.
    Wasted time online whilst kids watch some trash on TV [​IMG]
    Phoned with son's friend's mother to arrange the two boys meeting up Friday afternoon (at my Ex's place, mwahahahaha).

    Later I will:
    Cook potato soup to use up the 10 tons of spuds I bought cheap.
    Do the washing up (I don't have a bleedin dishwasher)
    Try to avoid the ironing again.
    Have a bath.
    Make some popcorn.
    Watch a DVD with the kids whilst eating popcorn.

  5. I must stop reading this thread- it's making me feel very lazy [​IMG]

    Woke up at 1pm- made coffe-turned tv/laptop on- sat down..... that's all really!!

    Perk of living alone I guess

  6. * coffee
  7. Got up around 8.30 (after everyone else had gone to work, bliss!)
    Had breakfast, cleared dishes, laundry.
    Been to Tesco. Picked up parcels from Post Office and posted letters.
    Cleaned car out.
    Replied to emails and done some other paperwork things sorting out for my music classes.
    Registered for Race For Life and set up fundraising page online.
    Had pizza for lunch
    Made bread pudding (now cooking in oven).
    Now messing around on here before I tackle the ironing (I have to do it, the pile is beginning to take over my front room!) Will watch a DVD while I do it, makes it less boring.
    later I am going to make tea, bath and change to go out to the pub quiz :)
  8. Go me! In addition to that punishing activity list I have just returned from the tip where I have got shot of loads of garden rubbish, bottles and packaging in the pouring rain; AND am thrashing smartarse son at Scrabble.
    I am a veritable powerhouse.
  9. LOL.
    I have regular decluttering sessions and love throwing stuff away. I regularly get asked by sensitive souls whether I possess a soul.
    Who needs junk, I ask myself?
  10. I've done some work. Resources all produced. Now I'm going to have a little nap I think.
  11. Bottomed the BTec Media marking and admin pile; brew and wheat free dairy free millionaire's shortbread beckon ... :)
  12. I've risen early, driven through rush hour traffic out into country lanes..dropped son off then returned home -still in the rush hour, via the shops. Had a mooch round the shops..bought nothing. I have opened some birthday cards...which arrived today, one day late, and eaten a whole (small) packet of rather delicious Kinder Bueno eggs, given to me over Easter. I have had numerous mugs of tea...made a half-hearted effort to tidy the kitchen...put in a load of washing and watched TV and played on the computer. So, not a very busy day. I do feel knackered after a very hectic Easter weekend though.
  13. Hey, Happy Birthday for Yesterday,AE!
  14. Broken ironing board (a cunning ploy); done a bit of marking; spent ages queueing in building soc. with Teenage Monste; come on her; about to try ironing - foolishly set mending ironing board as a manliness test for Firstborn. Secretly hoping it breaks again as soon as I try to set it up!
  15. I bought a stupidly expensive whiskey for bloke's birthday. He'll only go and drink it all.

    *regretful/tightwad emoticon*
  16. Still being a student teacher, I spent about two hours writing 600 words of a 3000 word essay (and I'm not that keen on any of them!), did a spot of job-hunting, pro-crastinated some more by reading Heat magazine instead of doing something more constructive, and worried about my first driving lesson on Saturday.
    What makes me quite happy is the fact that the IPL has been on over the Easter holidays - the topic my placement class will be doing when I take charge of them in a couple of weeks is India, and one of the mini-projects we'll be doing is researching famous Indian people and how they've affected society... so I can genuinely say that watching cricket is research. Ahem.
    (Nobody be cross at me, I actually am doing work - honest! [​IMG])
  17. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Walked the dogs, mowed the back lawn, planted some lavender plants, opened a bottle of Chardonnay.
  18. Oh *crikey*, Shifter! I am jealous! I just....did some one on one tuition to earn some pennies then came home, did some marking and prepared for my next tuition session- your life is infinitely more fun! [​IMG]
  19. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Hope to see you on the 4 June?
  20. If I am still allowed to come after last time then of course! I will endeavour to enter the room like something resembling a normal human being this time. I have been a bit quiet on here lately because I have had a mad couple of months but everything is sorted now so I can recommence my stalking of you and Bauble [​IMG]

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