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What have you done today?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted680, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Been shopping and working.
    Just given my charge his tea, popped on here for a few minutes before the football results.
    Thanks Lil, that's me down for a grumpy evening too.
  2. Back from the egg hunt and done a spot of painting, now attempting to clear some room on my Sky+ by watching all the things I don't have time to during term.
    Feeling down.
  3. annie2010

    annie2010 Occasional commenter

    Had breakfast / elevenses with daughter- in cafe. Later on, had lunch with other daughter. Nice to spend some quality time with each of them-even if they are grown up-well, almost.
    Took teenage son ( face like thunder) to have passport photos taken- should have had his X Box in the photo as well.
    Rented several DVDS to watch this weekend-no lesson planning to do , and the big clear out can wait until Monday.
    Happy Easter, everyone.

  4. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    I watched 10 consecutive episodes of 'Come Dine With Me' on BBC Lifestyle.

  5. I went to the showroom and ordered a new car today. Then walked the dog and did a bit more decorating.
    Only 3 days left of the holidays for me now.
  6. Virus catching up with me. Most of day in bed.
  7. Hope you feel better soon adelady.
  8. surf kitty too

    surf kitty too Occasional commenter

    Nice long lie-in.
    Marking - 2 sets of year 8 tests, and a year 7 (80 papers in total). Still got a load of year 10 stuff to mark though [​IMG]
    Had a nosy round a friends new house too [​IMG]
    Oh, and phoned electrician to come and fix the shower which went bang the other morning [​IMG]
  9. Ah holidays. Where do they go? Got up at 10, did the laundry, haven't ironed it. Put some canes up for runner beans and sweet peas later on, planted some herb seeds, *cleaned the cooker* (medal please) and went for a wander down the shops. It's not much to show for seven hours, is it.
    Am about to make a cake, then move all these bottles of booze (liqueurs mainly) no-one ever drinks (urrgghh Martini - in fact I'm just going to throw it away) up to the loft. Then make the dinner, do the ironing and settle down en famille to the box set of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
    The excitement never abates.
  10. taken friend's two kids (she's at work) and MiniTTL to museum, refereed a million squabbles about toys etc (reminding myself again of why it is that I only have one child) and am now trying to have ten quiet minutes on here whilst they squabble over the Wii.
    Thinking about having a glass of wine, to be honest. She's a lovely friend, but this is driving me nuts...

  11. I have a pretend gold medal I got in a party bag when I was little. Will that do Lily? What kind of cake are you making?
  12. LILY - NO!!!!!!

    You've cleaned the cooker (for which I agree a medal is richly deserved) - don't go and mess it up by baking! It's take-aways and meals out for at least a week, now, surely....
  13. I had my hair done this morning and then came home and have been waiting all afternoon for the virgin man to come and install our broadband and TV as we have just moved. He has 45 minutes to arrive. Whilst waiting I have watched drivel on TV and had a little snooze on the sofa. Oh and munched some Easter egg. I really need to do some work, but just feel exhausted today, think the stress of moving has caught up with me.
  14. oooh KIAT - hair done, good excuse for snooze on the sofa (what else were you supposed to do whilst waiting for the Virgin man?!) - it sounds like a perfect day!
    You've clearly had a stressful time moving - Dr TTL recommends a glass of wine and another hour on the sofa....
  15. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Plenty of room in my <strike>gob</strike> <strike>cellar</strike> <strike>liver</strike> imagination if you need space, Lily[​IMG]
  16. With my chocolate cake (cream in the middle, melted chocolate on the top; I can't understand why I'm putting on weight), I could have a delicious cocktail made of:
    Baileys (I hate it it), Tia Maria, Kahlua (Son2 had a brief liking for Black Russians), a small quantity of rum that we bought in Jamaica in 2003 (I think I might finish that off this holiday), and a glassful each of Drambuie, Cointreau, Creme de Menthe and Amaretto. There's also half a bottle of gin, brandy only fit for cooking and an unopened bottle of Port. Off to the loft with it. I need the space.
  17. I have never looked into my loft since I bought my house over three years ago. Do you think there may be lots of booze in there if I do look?
  18. You might strike lucky (?) like my neighbours and find a prescription printer with NHS prescription printer roll........
  19. You'd think the old owners would have remembered to take that. I dodge the prescriptions I get legally!
    Maybe I'll get the ladders out tomorrow.
  20. Spent the morning in blo0dy asda, then just pottered around for the afternoon not really doing much.Had a look for a car on ebay, had a little snooze and now sat on my ****. Have got a busy day tomorrow so will make up for being lazy today.

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