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What have you done today?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted680, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. I should be packing for long weekend away (driving tonight) with OH and three other couples down in Dorset....but I am on here.
    However, I have driven son to work in the rush hour and driven back into town in the rush hour. Shopped for a few bits and pieces and things to stick in the fridge/freezer for home-alone boys,(who won't be home much over the weekend I don't suppose, or if they are they'll be sleeping/recovering from drinking too much..)
    I have come home, unpacked, made brekky and tea and put some washing on. Then I whizzed out to the chemist to get my repeat prescription made up and waited half an hour in a queue. Others probably had the same last minute panic before Thursday-half-day-closing / all day closing Good Friday. Free time now...although I really should be doing something productive.
  2. tidal

    tidal New commenter

  3. Good weather here in Dorset at the moment. Get yourself down here while it lasts - but don't clutter up any roads I want to drive on[​IMG]
  4. charlotte.johnson06

    charlotte.johnson06 New commenter

    I went to have my eyebrows waxed, paid mine and OH's council tax (£700+ to a council who like to destroy historic buildings) then had breakfast with a Polish colleague.
  5. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    Found out I have to get back on the horse.
  6. I went to have my eyebrows waxed,
    Good God, how big are your eyebrows?
  7. Had my hair cut but I've been waiting in since 2.30 for the british gas man to come and fix my leaking radiator pipe (I have one of their home care policies). No shopping for me [​IMG]
  8. I had a take a way and bought a bottle of Bailies...oh happy days..[​IMG]
  9. British gas man has been and gone. I assured him that of course I hadn't been trying to fix the leaking valve with my adjustable spanner [​IMG].
    Just nipped to the shop for some little eggs for an easter egg hunt on Saturday. Furniture shopping will have to wait till next week now.
  10. charlotte.johnson06

    charlotte.johnson06 New commenter

    Since you asked Lily...

  11. I've hung wallpaper today. All by myself and for the first time. I actually appear to be better at it than I am at teaching. Maybe a change of career is in order?
  12. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    Not much at the moment. We are going to Cornwall tomorrow for a week though so I have to pack the stuff soon but I'm not planning on taking that much. Kids are going to their dad's for the week - so need to sort that out too.
  13. Unloaded dishwasher and had breakfast. Sorted out some paperwork that had piled up over the last few weeks, paid bills etc. Cleaned right through. Did a pile of laundry and ironing. made a fruit salad with the left over fruit. had my hair cut. Just done a workout. Going to have a long soak in the bath now before going out tonight for a meal for my dad's birthday!
  14. Some housework; had a mooch around an organic walled garden; investigate buying a new bed.
  15. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I've been to the Ideal Home Exhibition to look for ideas for when I move. Loads of lovely stuff there is you have loads of lovely dosh [​IMG]
  16. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Spent almost 6 hours marking coursework.
    Had a bath.
    Made soup.
    Had a lie-in.

    Not in that order.
  17. Been to the Post Office this morning and took the dog on a lovely long walk which was only the second this week as he's been forced to stay in because of his tummy bug.
    Just about to go and conduct an Easter egg hunt with my nieces and nephew. Hope the showers hold off [​IMG]
  18. Had a lie-in.
    Went off to buy newspaper, have a coffee.
    Faffed about so long with coffee and crossword we were still there when the supermarket marked down the roasted chickens.
    Bought a couple of those.
    Yummy and easy tea when we got back.
  19. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    So far.....

    I've had a couple of rough days physically, but could actually get around this morning..
    I've done a little dusting.
    Made a pot of soup.
    Bandaged my finger (Coordination wasn't as good as I thought - still managed the onion and a couple of carrots before getting the finger!....I should have shares in Elastoplast!)
    Enjoyed a Skinny Cow chocolate drink whilst reading a nice long chatty e-mail from mad Aussie friend.
    Prepared a Hot-Cross Bun and Butter Pudding.
    Had a sandwich.
    Read a letter from the JobCentre, which has got a few facts wrong. Cursed the DSS for their stupidity, and muttered loudly because there won't be anyone in the office for a few days.
    Dragged a chair to the sink and did some washing up.
    Bandaged another finger! (The veg knife slipped from my damp fingers and I tried to catch it!!!!!)
    Made cup of tea, put NCIS DVD into TV and settled down for a quiet hour

  20. Had a(nother) terrible night so slept till 10 then cleaned the house. Just come back from the garden centre to discover that Man Utd got beat so have two grumpy men to look forward to later. I think I might have to have a nap now.

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