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What have you done today?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted680, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. grammarlady

    grammarlady Occasional commenter

    I put a new seat on the toilet. That's it for me.
  2. Today MrA and I have had one of those character building, relationship bonding experiences.
    Between us we have spent more than 5 hours on the phone and the mobile talking to people, listening to call waiting rubbish, punching buttons, listening, waiting, more buttons, listening, calling back, more people, dropping out of queues, calling back, getting transferred, insisting on transfers to managers, complaints departments and various other people. Finally, 45 mins with a techie in Auckland who knew what he was doing.
    And here I am. Calm, tranquil, unflustered.
  3. I've made cupcakes, had a driving lesson, made my first forum posts, reorganised my office and am now faced with the thrilling task of alphabetising my DVDs.

    Oddly, I haven't yet felt the desire to do any school work. All the schemes of work are in place and all I need to do is marking... I feel that will start when the boredom of being alone with nothing to do finally kicks in!
    It may take another week.

  4. Just got the letter detailing my interview day for a HOD position so I'm going to put aside next Tuesday for planning that I think. The joy of presentations.
    I have so far done no decorating today but lots of school work this morning. I am now enjoying a lunch of actual lunch foods instead of easter chocs for the first time this week. Later this afternoon I am going to make a crustless quiche for the first time.
    Tomorrow is relax day - hair cut, shopping etc. More wallpapering on Friday.
  5. Watched Hachi with 30 kids, whilst SLT are in a meeting..
  6. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    I got up at 8, saw the weather and went back to bed until 11. Got up. Watched This Morning. Had lunch. Watched Loose Women. Watched Jeremy Kyle (it is my holiday guilty pleasure). Put 3 lots of washing on. Ate Easter Egg. Ate Lindt bunny. Looked at holidays online and then felt like crying because I can't afford a holiday.
    Now I am contemplating getting dressed. Lazy I know, but I am going to the gym so that makes up for all of it!
  7. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Actually going to the gym doesn't make up for being a Jeremy Kyle watcher. Nothing makes up for that, I am duly ashamed of myself.
  8. I once spent an hour trapped in the waiting room at the car dealership whilst my car was being serviced. Jeremy Kyle was on the TV and there was no way of turning it over or off. I even contemplated standing outside in the rain rather than watching.
  9. Later this afternoon I am going to make a crustless quiche for the first time.
    I saw a quiche-type thing made on Saturday Kitchen, in which the chef lined a muffin-tin with pancetta and poured the egg mixture into that. The ham crisped up in the oven and made an edible case. What are you using?
  10. I saw Mr ptjca off to work and then decided to redecorate the bathroom. That took til lunchtime then I made a beef stew which is on the hob ready for when loving hubby arrives home from work.

    Don't you just love school holidays...

  11. I'm a veggie so no pancetta for me. You make a basic quiche mix then add half a cup of flour and a tsp of baking powder. This settles to the bottom when it cooks and forms a thin crispy layer. Not as good as pastry, but I don't eat that anymore as I love it so much I have to go cold turkey.
    I have just had a slice and it tasted lovely.
  12. Training day tomorrow, then mine start :) I am planning to spend them thus:

  13. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Ditto the above Lily! [​IMG]
    We break up tomorrow too. Also looking foward to a few days away in a gorgoeus part of the UK (hoping weather will be better by then), watching DVDs, going swimming at quiet times, baking, but lots of general mooching. May pop into work to tidy my cupboard but quiet likely will 'forget' about this.
  14. Did some housework this morning. Picked baby up at 11:30 as I have him on Wednesday too during school holidays.
    Had lunch then off to soft play. Why is there always a thuggish bullying kid spoiling it for the others. The mother sits on her **** ignoring her little darlings antics while other mums, or grans, move their kids from one area to another trying to avoid him.
    I was secretly chuffed when a little girl jumped into the ball pool and landed on him.
    No-one would challenge mum as one look at her and you knew where he got it from.
    I did hear a party group telling staff as they were leaving that they wouldn,t be coming back as they didn't feel their children were safe.
    Should staff have intervened? I don,t really recall seeing any other than the the girl taking money as we went in, she was also serving food and drinks.
    Anyway, did some shopping, made tea then played for a while with grandson before bath and bed (him not me).
    Now I'm catching up on here.
  15. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Wow - that brings back memories. I was about 11 when I read it - I learnt a lot!
    I can't wait to break up tomorrow. Then I plan to imitate Lily's picture for a couple of days.
  16. Should staff have intervened?
    Yes, if you reported it and it was part of their job to do so. If not, I don't see why one of you couldn't have told the mother that her child was being too rough, since it was your problem.
    When I was a kid, mothers feared nothing worse than being criticised by other mothers for being a slack mother. Now most of them fear nothing because they feel no shame and know they'll never be required to shift off their stupid lazy ars*es and do something about it. People are too afraid of being perceived as judgemental and uptight, and legitimately afraid that some nasty cow will stick a fork in them if they dare to suggest intervention.
    But if no-one ever criticises, where is the incentive for such people to toe the line?

  17. Probably true.
    Reality is though, there were at least eight parents with the party who said they won't be going again, doesn't sound good for business.
    And yes, mother did look more the type to stick a fork in you. I did say you only had to look at her to see where he was coming from.
  18. I wonder how they'd word the ad? "Security personnel with enhanced CRB required to reprimand inadequate parents and escort their toddlers out of the ball pool. Fork-proof protective clothing provided."
    That'd put the price of your toasted teacake up.
  19. PMSL.
    I wouldn't apply and I work in a secondary LSU.
    I cope much better with bigguns.
  20. First day of holidays for me, and I forgot to 'unset' the alarm clock so been awake since 6am! Especially not good, since we've had show nights Monday and Tuesday - 16 hour days ...
    Dentist today, followed by the treat of taking 18 year old daughter to Betty's for lunch :) but then I shall veg out on the sofa with the newspaper


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