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What have you done today?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted680, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Taught year 12 for 2 and a half hours


    if that wasn't bad enough- taught year 13 for two and a half hours

    I hate Mondays
  2. Did some more wall paper stripping after my tea (which was a creme egg [​IMG]) so I can cross that off tomorrow's list. I'm not sure what has come over me but I have a desperate need to get my house sorted asap.
  3. Are you pregnant?
  4. Not unless it's the immaculate conception. Unlike Impulce I haven't been indulging in anything other than creme eggs!
  5. Woke up, worried, went to work, worry, work, worry, work, worry,plan at dinner time, ate a healthy dinner of home made vegetable soup, work, duty, work, home, mark, unhealthy tea of cheese and toffee yoghurt, worry about weight, worry some more, pajamas, waste time on the internet, worry a bit more, bed.
  6. Although I don't have holidays to look forward to (retirement is a full time job with no days off ) I have managed to keep fairly busy. Went for the paper, made breakfast for me and Mrs. D., read paper thoroughly, went to get trailer, hitched it up and went up to mates to take a couple of trailer loads of rubbish down to the recycling centre (it's really posh - honest It's like the five star recycling centre), marked last of Functional Skills scripts, Mrs D. checked them over and then I remarked them properly, faffed about on the internet, it started to pee it down so faffed about a bit more instead of taking dog out, had my tea and have since done toss all.

    Knackered now.
  7. Stripped my chainsaws.
  8. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Been to work.
    Rode in a stretch limo, swigged champagne and ate posh dinner at lovely country pub with log fire..
    Was parents' Golden Wedding so we had a treat for the family.
  9. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    First day of hols.
    Up at 7 to get lazy offspring up for work experience.
    Dropped lazy offspring off at work experience.
    Put lazy offspring's lovely horse out.
    Mucked out horse's bed.
    Had milky coffee.
    Sorted out holiday insurance.
    Had a lovely bath at 1pm.
    Hung out washing.
    Sorted out horse insurance.
    Test drove car.
    Put horse to bed.
    Picked up knackered offspring from work experience.
    Watched the snow fall...........it's still falling now.....

  10. seren_dipity

    seren_dipity New commenter

    I am going to bed. I am working tomorrow. It is snowing. My car is off the road. Two trains and a long walk each way.
  11. Had some coffee. Stared at snow. Backed up laptop...contemplating housework but no amount of coffee seems to impart the required energy.
  12. Nada, zilch, nothing.
    Sprawled on sofa, watching Harry Potter and no intention of doing much more.
    Could someone make me a coffee please, oh and cake, biccies would appreciated.
  13. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    Had a run in with a year 10 girl and phoned her mum to come and take her home for the rest of the term.
    Now I have to explain to my line manager why I technically excluded someone without the authority to do so. Can I use the term "executive decision"??!!
    Had a great lesson listening with my year 11's who were happily slagging off another teacher (who really irritates me to the point of nausea) because she lost all of their coursework and made them do it again and then lost it again! They weren't talking to me about it, obviously but it was funny to listen to.
    Oh and now I am contemplating a baked potato and salad or chicken baguette for lunch. Knowing my luck they'll have neither.
    Grumpy end of term bitterness from me!

  14. OK, I'll make my own coffee.
    Just changing the dvd, watching 'The Thornbirds'
    Only got custard creams but they'll do till later, then I'll phone for a takeaway.
    Indian or Chinese, oh decisions, decisions.
  15. Well I've been to the shops, hung the lining paper and visited the vet with the cat. Now I'm having some lunch (mini eggs [​IMG]) before marking some A Level essays that I am sure will offer new and wonderful variations on how to spell Vyshnegradsky.
  16. ????? ?????????????? ??????????????
  17. Today I have:
    Taken tesco delivery (2 weeks off but far too busy to go to the supermarket *cough*)
    Wallowed in despair at state of bank account.
    Done the quizzes in chat magazine, and bought a lottery ticket, in hope of sorting out the above.
    Bought 2 more low-end womens magazines in hope of winning more money, and Cat magazine.
    Read cat magazine and basked in glory of wonderful cats next to me on sofa.
    Read horoscope in magazine telling me that "the dream is about to come true"
    Had a bath.
    Unloaded/loaded dishwasher.
    Unloaded and aired washing.
    Made cup of coffee.
    About to do some marking.
  18. Had to use google to translate and it comes up with 'our' Vyshnegradsky's son. They were supposed to be comparing the economic records of Vyshegradsky and Witte. They can spell Witte so he got most of the focus!
    Well, 18 essays and 10 different variations of spelling - even though the name was in the question.

  19. Applied for 2 jobs; worked on my MA; sorted out dull but necessray stuff; picked up some books from the library; off to the gym soon
  20. Well it,s taken a few hours but have just finished 'The Thorn Birds'.
    However, I now have puffy red eyes, aching throat, snotty nose and a bit of a headache from crying.
    Ohhhhhh it were good
    Will have to do some housework tomorrow, i'ts less stressful.

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