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What have I forgotten to do?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Jaupua, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Jaupua

    Jaupua New commenter

    The big adventure is an exciting three weeks away. Borneo here I come etc, etc, etc!

    So, what have I forgotten to do? Or, what did you forget to do before you left?

  2. Visa?
    Ship things over via sea/air freight?
    Organise flat/house viewings?
    I've put all important documentation into a folder, which includes: scanned copy of visa, visa reciept, school offer letter, copy of signed contract from the school, flight e-ticket, hotel reservation confirmation, Thai culture course schedule, school timetable, school calendar, pre-autumn term inset schedule etc etc.
  3. Turn off gas, cancel the milk.
  4. Jaupua

    Jaupua New commenter

    No need for a visa, stuff already shipped and my new tenants (fingers crossed) put down a deposit yesterday.

    Documentation needs to be sorted. It's all there, just could do with a final organising.

    Ah, car rental for arrival. I knew there was something.

    Time is flashing by quite quickly now.

  5. Jaupua

    Jaupua New commenter

    Ooooh! Cancel the window cleaner. This is actually quite helpful.

  6. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit New commenter

    Looked into keeping up payments for UK state pension?
    Looked into setting up offshore banking
    Sent cheque to BFG for independent financial advice?
  7. ImmodestyBlaise

    ImmodestyBlaise New commenter

    Good luck Japua. I applied to Brunei myself but didn't make it. Having spent ages this year researching it, it sounds like a fantastic place for a young family to enjoy themselves. Hope you enjoy it.
  8. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Check the dates your debit cards etc expire. If poss renew them now (regardless of the expiry dates) before you leave. It can be an enourmous pain in the **** trying to do that sort of stuff from afar, so much easier to do that when back in the UK.
  9. I second that. Boring for singles but great for families.. beautiful jungle and free entrance to Jerudong Park all year round! Enjoy yourself, great post.
  10. Make sure you know your weight limit on the flight and if you need extra if you pay by piece (not too expensive) or by kilo (seriously expensive).

  11. mrswallow

    mrswallow New commenter

    Leaving do. Put the cat out.
  12. down...

  13. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Yeah, good point this. In fact pay the extra for a larger sized passport next time you renew.
    Also, if you have property, set up a DD for council tax (as you may get fined for late payment when returning in the summer) AND don't tell the Council what you are doing, as instead of getting a 25% refund for living alone, you'll only get a 15% one for being absent. Work that one out!
  14. Jaupua

    Jaupua New commenter

    My council allow you a 25% reduction if your house is vacant and furnished. They give you 100% reduction if it's vacant and unfurnished. Go figure.

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