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What has made your day?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lizzii_2008, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    A little boy with severe behavioural difficulties spent 5 minutes during a group maths activity helping the boy next to him complete a maths problem and at the end said "Look C, we did it." I try to reward him every time possible and I just smiled and gave him a big sticker - he looked so proud of himself.
    This made my day!
  2. It was yesterday outside in the wind a little boy, eal usually so quiet in English and heritage language, was using a windmill turning in different directions as he did so the windmill really caught the wind and turned fast he said delightedly "faster faster" and clenched both his hands in celebration. It was wonderful to see his delight in what to many would be an insignificant occurrence. It's why I love early years we are able to share these special moments.
  3. LauraJeanD

    LauraJeanD New commenter

    A boy who has just started to share well and wait his turn who also has a language delay which makes it difficult for other children to understand him made my day. He spontaneously sat on my chair in front of the class, fished out a phoneme frame and started acting the role of teacher. He mirrored everything i usually say during phonics and enlisted the help of the class to write the word bed. He heard all the sounds in order himself and asked others to come to the front to write the letters. The other children were completely engaged and working with him to achieve his goal. The look on his face as he said "GOOD! B-e-d BED!!" to the rest of the class has been the best moment of my career so far (NQT) :)
  4. A 4 year old boy with very low self esteem who has only just started to speak to anyone came up to m me after running around in the wind outside and said 'I'm a seagul, soaring in the wind'. Thank goodness he isn't in the National Curriculum because it wouldn't have meant a thing. Meant everything to me though!
  5. I read my class a new story today, and at the end they all clapped!
  6. I have a new boy starting on Monday, who used to go to our Nursery but didn't get a Reception place in September. He came for a visit yesterday and I took him to meet or re-meet the class. It was his best friend from Nursery's face and the two of them shaking hands that made my day
  7. We were trying goats milk and a little girl told me she was allergic to milk. I replied if she was allergic to milk Mummy would have told me, she replied 'Mummy doesn't know'!!
  8. Love that last one! What made my day? I have been to a Writers Festival as a volunteer. I have met and assisted authors and illustrators of adult as well as children's books. What an inspirational bunch! I feel my heart as well as my head has been injected with good vibes for a happy week's teaching and learning.

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