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what has happened to iboard?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by JEH, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. JEH

    JEH New commenter

    it has obviously been revamped but I can't access anything on it without being asked to sign up for an £11 ish 30 day trial. Am I missing something?
  2. I came on to ask the exact same question! I think the 30 day trial is free but £11 to subscribe? I really like iboard and didn't realise until I came to use it today it wasn't working [​IMG] A couple of things loaded but others insisted I subscribed and there wsa no way to know which games were free. What a shame!
  3. What a shame iboard has changed. Its much harder to navigate, the year groups have been replaced by age ranges - very vague I must say and, to add insult to injury, teachers on pay freezes are being asked to pay a subscription now. Not likely!! Luckily school has an alternative resource for me to use. Bye bye iboard.
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  4. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    I know! Such a shame, took me ages to find what I was looking for for a lesson earlier this week. Must confess, I didn't see the subscription thing. That's sad.
  5. So frustrated. I had a great lesson planned iboard was working one day and then the next day it stopped working and I couldn't use what I had planned. Luckily my school is going to pay for my subscription :)

  6. Hi all,
    Following up on Steve's comments: Thanks for all your posts. I'd like to add some specifics;
    @Giggles_88 - The way to tell if an activity is paid for is if it has the red "plus" logo on the activity thumbnail. So if you go to the site, visit the activity finder section you'll see that the Alphabet activity has a red plus in the top right hand corner indicating paid content, whereas the Hedgehog year doesn't.

    @Liz4 - Sorry if we lose you - We thought long and hard at the pricing and felt £1 a month for a huge amount of new teaching content was fair. The age ranges replaced Key Stage because many of the iboard fans are from overseas and Key Stage was confusing or just not appropriate. We've had feedback from some teachers that they miss the EYFS category so we are considering introducing a lower age range too.

    @Sarahprice87 - I'd love to hear your feedback if you become a user. Steve and the team will be constantly adding to the content so if there are any areas you'd like us to cover let us know?

    @bonjourmadame - It's £11.99 per teacher per year (£1 per month). Don't worry - there will be no sudden rises in price! We think TES iboard is the best value site out there at the moment and we want to keep it that way.

    We're very proud of the new site, but we've also got a long list of changes and improvements we'd like to make. For example some people found the long lists of activities useful, so instead of just seeing 9 at a time we're going to allow visitors to change that to 18 or 36 at a time.

    I'd welcome any thoughts on improving the site if you'd be willing to take the time to mail me: andy.smith@tes.co.uk
    Now is a good time as we can react to them quickly and get the improvements in.

    Andy Smith, TES

  7. Hi, I have an improvement to suggest! When you are one section and then click onto another section (say, adding onto multiplying) it stays on the page you were on (so goes to page 3 of the new section if you were on page 3 before.) It would be good if it went to page 1 of the new section.
    Thank you.
  8. Hi Miss Ladybord - Good spot. I've raised it as a bug - should be fixed next week.
  9. great, thank you!
  10. I find the age ranges, rather than year groups grouping really frustrating. My Year 2s used to access the appropriate year group activities independently via a link on our learning platform, but now it just takes them through to lots of different activities, most of which are too easy for them. It is trickier for searching to use in lessons too, as previously I would look in the Year 2 area and know they were aimed at the right level, now it isn't obvious and takes much longer to check if activities are aimed at my year group or not. Could it have an 'Aimed at Year 2' or similar on the description on an activity so children and teachers searching could have a better idea of the year group it was designed for orginally? or could it have an option to search by Year group as well as activity?
  11. TESiboard

    TESiboard New commenter TES Authors' forum host Jobseekers' Forum Host

    Hi singup,
    Thanks for commenting. I am hoping that as you get used to the new site, it will become easier to spot the activities you think are most suitable. We think we've built the foundations for a great service but we are listening to all feedback and that has already led to some small but significant changes that will go live this week and next.
    Beyond the immediate changes, we are going to reintroduce an early years banding and will move some of the simpler activities into that, so that should help somewhat. We are also going to introduce other features to help sort and filter activities. This will be on site by the end of the month.
    Labelling something as suitable for, or aimed at, a specific year group is quite subjective as our materials are often open-ended and cut across many year groups, depending on the way the teacher uses them. SEN requirements add to that range but we will look into it as part of the upgrades we are planning.
    I know it is part of the subscription but take a look at activity folders in the myiboard section. This enables you to place 15 activities into public folders. This is the ideal way of grouping a select number of activities you want children to use. Enough for variety, but not too much to get lost in. I think that feature is worth the £1 a month alone. Here are my folders with a few activities in for any forum readers to see how it works.
    or to an individual folder
    Please get back on the forum or via steve.rawlins@tes.co.uk if you have any further comments or questions.
  12. I love the TES iboard but like all teachers on pay freezes this may be just one subscription too many. I already pay a lot of subscriptions and whilst it is ONLY £11 they soon add up!
    I understand that this is a fantastic site and very expensive to produce but most teachers will already be spending their own money on classroom resources and activities.
    I am keen to have a 30 day free trial but like many teachers would like to do this without having to enter my bank card details.
    All the best with iboard

  13. seza-lou

    seza-lou New commenter

    I really like the new iboard! I work at an international school and sometimes finding english resources is quite difficult, and having them all here makes my life a lot easier!
    Could iboard possibly have a school signup? I know that my school pays for subscriptions like this and many teachers would be interested and instead of everyone having to sign up their is a set price for school. I hope that makes sense!
  14. Hi all - Quick heads up that we'll be updating the site tonight with some of those fixes and improvements. Specifically we're improving the logged in homepage with easier access to your activity folders (These are going down a storm).
    We're also putting place the change on the activity finder to allow you to see 9,18 or 36 activities at a time and moving the activity reset button to the top of the activity so it has more room in the page (Some users were finding the activity looked small on tablets or lower resolution monitors).
    There are a whole raft of other smaller improvements which will hopefully improve what's already there. As ever I'd welcome any comments.
    Andy, TES.
  15. TESiboard

    TESiboard New commenter TES Authors' forum host Jobseekers' Forum Host

    Thanks for your comments. We have launched the new TES iboard+ as a teacher service and it piggy backs off the TES resources user-ids. The site hinges on a teacher membership as it has new and forthcoming features that only make sense in a 1 teacher, 1 login way.
    We have priced it at 99p per month, so on a 1:1 basis it is incredibly cheap. Even if a school does reimburse staff, it is going to be a big school that breaks the £200 barrier - and for a school that size we feel that is a reasonable price compared to other products.
    While it is not a short term possibility, we are going to look at the feasibility of a group payment for multiple teachers. It won't change the pricing structure but may cut down the admin if teachers are insisting that school pays. Please don't let this stop you using the site now, as it is not something we can do quickly and at the moment our focus is new content and features.
    We hope you'll give it a chance. We have got a schedule of new resources to keep growing the site and will maintain a sizeable free collection. The new features, like 'my activity folders' and the 'Skill builders' are proving really popular. The new site, as it grows, will far outweigh the old in terms of day-to-day usefulness.
    I'll keep an eye on this thread but please contact me on steve.rawlins@tes.co.uk if you'd like to discuss anything directly.
  16. TESiboard

    TESiboard New commenter TES Authors' forum host Jobseekers' Forum Host

  17. The new changes may work for international teachers who are still unable to figure out the UK system in terms of year levels/key stages etc. but unfortunately these new changes do NOT work for UK pupils anymore. I work in Early Years and these changes mean it is more difficult for them to independently access appropriate resources - striking the very heart of what the EYFS stands for. Well done iboard player!! I signed up for the free trial in the hope that in subscribing to the site it would somehow make it user friendly. Needless to say my children have now lost out on a fantastic learning resource.
  18. TESiboard

    TESiboard New commenter TES Authors' forum host Jobseekers' Forum Host

    Heleny1978 Sorry for the delay getting back. I have one word for you, well two - "Activity Folders".
    These are absolutely designed for making it very easy for getting young children to just the activities you want, without them drifting off-piste. You can put 15 activities in there and set up the URL on your desktop so pupils can click straight through. 15 is enough for "free choice" and child-driven self-selection, but closed down enough to stop them drifting onto say journalistic writing for year 6. It's very child friendly, more so than anything else we have ever done. The main interface ... well that's for the teacher really, so it does its job by having clearly set out sections with different sorts of content. Click on your home page (click the logo) and have a look. There is a help video in there now. If it was my class I would allow pupils to curate at least one of the folders, giving them responsibility for selecting some activities for others to use (and explaining their choices).
    Thanks for your patience.
    Steve Rawlins
  19. tasawarsaleem

    tasawarsaleem New commenter

    Hi steve, I cant seem to access any of the free activities on my laptop, what could be wrong?
  20. tasawarsaleem

    tasawarsaleem New commenter

    What software is required on your laptop or pc to run these activities?

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