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What happens to your children's work at the end of the year?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dodgeball, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Do they take it home at the end of every year? Or does something else happen to it?
  2. richbreeds

    richbreeds New commenter

    Yes our children always take their work home. We keep some examples of good work up on display for September though
  3. Children have not been allowed to take work home in either of the schools I have taught in.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    We let them take home work last year (my first year in the school) but some staff didn't like the idea. New HT said we would discuss it and make a staff decision this year, haven't done so yet.

    Why on earth wouldn't children take their work home? What will they show their grandchildren about life in the olden days where we had books and pens and such like?

    And most children are proud of much of their work and WANT to show their parents what they have done.
  5. what would the reason be for NOT allowing the children to have their work, in your school. This is a very interesting subject, as different schools do different things about it. Do they just 'bin' it then? Seems a shame for the children, if that is the case.
  6. All books go home at the end of the year.
  7. At my previous (GTP) school, that's just what they did. The children were plonked in front of a DVD on the last afternoon with a TA, while the class teachers filled bin bags full of books at the back of the room. I was horrified!
  8. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    In my last school, we passed on 3 books for Maths, Literacy and Science (AA, A and BA) and the rest were shredded (with blank pages removed and re-used). At my current school, all books used to go home but now we have a new head, he has hinted that things may change.
  9. Surely the child should take the work home. Isn't the work legally the property of the child?
  10. I would have thought so too. Maybe because it is on the schools paper etc that they can say it is theirs?

    I would like to know the reason why it would be binned or shredded though. Maybe the schools don't want the parents to see the work? And why would that be?
  11. Some schools dont let the children take home work because they do not want parents critiquing it!
  12. Being on the schools paper is irrelevant, as everything is paid for and allocated to each child. There is a pot of money, for each child's education which is paid for by the tax payer. Therefore, the 'creation' belongs to the child.
  13. I would have thought parents have the right to see the child's work, and the child has the right to keep it at the end of the school year. And if the school are afraid the parents will criticise, then they must have much to hide!
  14. I agree and my children all take their work home apart from specifics we want to keep for certain reasons.
    I was at a school though where some parents came in asking why specific pieces of work had not been marked, why the chidlren were taught something in a specific way. THis question is right but its been marked wrong etc
    Nothing major but little finickity things
    It was easier not to send things home
  15. Do parents really do that?! I am a nqt so not got to the end of a year yet and was wondering what happens.
  16. Not everywhere! i find some pushy parents do and some who have a specific bone of contention with certain teachers. glad to say none of mine ever have!
  17. Regencyrob has hit the nail on the head there! We don't send work home due to the queue of parents who turn up ready to pull to shreds every single comment and piece of work. The HT got sick of it.
    The rest of the parents aren't interested in keeping it. The children have a writing book that stays with them from Nursery to Year 6 and that goes home with them when they move on to secondary. The parents and children love it as it shows their progress during their time in Primary and is a very special book.
  18. Our Head stopped us sending work books home several years ago. Possibly because of fussy parents but mainly because of the Osted inspections who wanted evidence for every little thing. This has gradually extended to work folders too and now only children's art work goes home. This really means that parents don't get to see the best of their child's work. We are meant to hand it on to the next teacher who keep it for a while. I feel very upset about this as children want to take things home and I know that some work folders have been chucked or not sent home until very much later. As a Recpetion teacher I feel it would really motivating for children if they could take very good work home on the day they produced it. It is the need for evidence that gets it the way.

  19. It certainly is.
  20. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    We always send all work home at the end of the year, and have never had any problems. Once, we had Ofsted in the Autumn term and they wanted to be able to look at previous work, as there wasn't much evidence from the current year. We just asked for work back from 3 children in each class (HA, MA and LA), and parents returned it promptly - they did, of course, get the work back again after Ofsted.

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