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What happens if....

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Carltoz, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Carltoz

    Carltoz New commenter

    As yet another job application for my NQT year crashed and burned, I did start to wonder what happens if I don't manage to get a position at all?

    Does that mean I'm lost to the teaching profession?
    Do I just keep applying for jobs until I get one, even if it means being unemployed for 6 months?
    Can I be a supply teacher without completing (or even starting) my NQT year?

    Questions, questions (there are plenty more I could ask). But does anyone know the answers?
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    It is still early to be worrying about not getting a job for September... it's only the end of February. Many schools won't know what positions they need to fill for September yet, because teachers only need to give a term's notice, and it's still a way off that deadline yet. There will be lots of job offers coming out between now and the end of the summer term. When I was an NQT I applied for quite a few jobs during the spring and eventually got an offer in June.

    If you haven't had an offer by July you could think about worrying a little... but there will still be positions coming up during the summer months. And if nothing comes of that, you can think about supply. As an NQT you can work for up to five years as a supply teacher before you have to start your induction year. It can also be possible to start induction as a supply teacher (if you're covering for someone long-term, ie. at least one term).
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  3. Carltoz

    Carltoz New commenter

    Thanks Kartoshka. Not panicking yet. It was more of a muse on what might happen should the worst occur but good to know that supply is an option to pay the bills.

    Fingers crossed!
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Don't worry!

    I once appointed one of the best NQTs ever in GCSE results week! Complete mystery to me why she hadn't been snapped up before, but I had a late vacancy and was delighted to snap her up myself.

    So appointments go on right up to the beginning of term, and beyond. Make sure you are producing the best possible application, that you are exceptionally well prepared for the interviews. http://bit.do/5StarBooks

    And there is absolutely NO NEED to give up yet!

    Best wishes

  5. Penguin47

    Penguin47 New commenter

    This is not taking into account your financial, living, and personal situations as I obviously don't know what they are, but I'm pretty sure most universities suggest that 905+ of their PGCE graduates wind up in a job within six months.

    Not sure about your subject either, but jobs crop up fairly regularly. Just keep applying but, first and foremost, focus on your training. No point having a job lined up if you don't pass the course. ;)

    It'll work out. Have faith!

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