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What happens after the PGCE? Induction, NQT, etc...

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by De_Novo, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    I'm now nearing the end of the first teaching term of my PGCE--thank God!--and
    I'm wondering now what is going to happen once I've completed the course...

    1. How long do I have once completing to decide whether or not I'm
    doing my NQT year? Is there a time limit?

    2. What is the induction period?

    3. How does the NQT year work? Do I have to do it as a full time teacher, or
    can it be completed some other way?
    (My apologies if this is a ridiculous

    I'm sure my University will eventually give me all of this information, but
    I'm curious about it *now* and all the information I'm finding out about it
    on the internet is somewhat out of date!

    Thanks in advance for any information and help you can offer.
  2. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

  3. From experiences of our NQTs at our school -

    1) You have a window of 4 school terms to start your NQT

    2) Three whole terms

    3) You can do it as part time but then it gets complicated in terms of length of NQT time - it will take longer but will be in proportion to your contract .

    To be honest I'm surprised your Uni haven't told you yet but then it is still (fairly) early days.
  4. There is no time limit to complete induction, you could pass the PGCE with QTS next year and start your NQT year in a few years if you really wanted / needed to. Where te confusion sets in is if you start off by doing supply when you qualify. You have a 16 month allowance and at the end of that you must have found an NQT post by then (although this is currently under review and could be extended to 5 years due to lack of NQT posts). For example if you do supply from September 2012 then you have until January 2013 (16 months) to find an NQT post. Your NQT year is 195 days or 3 terms, so if you do it part time it can be counted in days - i.e. if you do it on a 2.5 day a week contract it will take 2 calendar years but 195 days in total. Hope that helps. If you need more info on the 16 month issue then type '16 month rule' into the TES forum search - a lot of discussion about that at the moment.

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