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What 'great' movies have you never seen?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by captain oats, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    The utter selfishness and lack of conscience shown by Richard E Grant's character is a total masterpiece.
  2. Casablanca, and The African Queen. Mental block.
  3. I like the film (not the extent where I ever played the student drinking games)
    It's not really about drugs and alcohol, it's more to do with the disappointment of failure.

  4. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    I wouldn't consider any of the James Bond films "great". They are entertaining and lighthearted.
  5. Citizen Kane
    Brief Encounter
    Gone With the Wind
    Indiana Jones
    Back to the Future
    Star Wars

    Probably loads of others as well. I never fail to amaze/disgust people with the amount of 'unmissable' films I've missed.

  6. Casablanca really is a fantastic film, for Claude Rains and Ingid Bergman as much as Bogart. It really is worth watching. African Queen is OK but not such essential watching, I prefer the 1970s take on it -'Shout at the Devil' with Roger Moore.
  7. Historyguy - I believe you! I will watch it one day, honestly. I know I'm missing out. My mental blocks are strong, but once overcome, they're, well...overcome...
  8. I know what you mean, I've go about 20 DVDs that I've had up to about 5 years and I just can't bear to watch them either because there is something about the subject matter I don't think I will like or I think they will be very tedious and boring - especially if they are really long ones over two discs or the funny double sided discs - Doctor Zhivago is the best example. I've got them stacked together on a shelf intending to watch them but keep putting it off by watching something else instead. Casablanca really is a delight though, you've got one of the most beautiful and winning-wayed actress of all time (Bergan), one of the most interesting smoothie actors (Rains), plus Bogart, a very interesting historical setting, and a sentimental emotional plot.
  9. We had to delete our LoveFim account because of my mental blocks.So many missed opportunities
  10. The top twenty from AFI 100 Years...100 Movies

    <table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="background-color:#999999;border-collapse:collapse;border:black 0.5pt solid;"><tr style="height:13pt;"><td class="lttext">MOVIE
    </td><td class="lttext">YEAR
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>1
    </td><td class="lttext">CITIZEN KANE
    </td><td class="lttext">1941
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>2
    </td><td class="lttext">CASABLANCA
    </td><td class="lttext">1942
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>3
    </td><td class="lttext">THE GODFATHER
    </td><td class="lttext">1972
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>4
    </td><td class="lttext">GONE WITH THE WIND
    </td><td class="lttext">1939
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>5
    </td><td class="lttext">LAWRENCE OF ARABIA
    </td><td class="lttext">1962
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>6
    </td><td class="lttext">THE WIZARD OF OZ
    </td><td class="lttext">1939
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>7
    </td><td class="lttext">THE GRADUATE
    </td><td class="lttext">1967
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>8
    </td><td class="lttext">ON THE WATERFRONT
    </td><td class="lttext">1954
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>9
    </td><td class="lttext">SCHINDLER'S LIST
    </td><td class="lttext">1993
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>10
    </td><td class="lttext">SINGIN' IN THE RAIN
    </td><td class="lttext">1952
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>11
    </td><td class="lttext">IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE
    </td><td class="lttext">1946
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>12
    </td><td class="lttext">SUNSET BOULEVARD
    </td><td class="lttext">1950
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>13
    </td><td class="lttext">THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI
    </td><td class="lttext">1957
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>14
    </td><td class="lttext">SOME LIKE IT HOT
    </td><td class="lttext">1959
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>15
    </td><td class="lttext">STAR WARS
    </td><td class="lttext">1977
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>16
    </td><td class="lttext">ALL ABOUT EVE
    </td><td class="lttext">1950
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>17
    </td><td class="lttext">THE AFRICAN QUEEN
    </td><td class="lttext">1951
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>18
    </td><td class="lttext">PSYCHO
    </td><td class="lttext">1960
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>19
    </td><td class="lttext">CHINATOWN
    </td><td class="lttext">1974
    </td></tr><tr style="height:13pt;"><td>20
    </td><td class="lttext">ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST
    I've seen 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18. Still can't believe they've got Citizen Kane as the greatest film. Didn't think I would like the Godfather so put off watching it, but then bought the box set and really enjoyed them. I think I would swap 1 and 18, put Psycho as 1 and Citizen Kane as 18 (but that would be incredably generous to Citizen Kane).

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