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what gadgets and gizmos helped you conceive?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by afewgoodmen, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. We've just decided to start trying. I'm 37 and well aware that time is not my friend. I tried to conceive years ago in a different relationship, we managed in the end but it took years and lots of testing (nothing found wrong) and I have had 2 very early miscarriages and no successful pregnancies.
    I am delighted that I am going to begin to journey again but am hoping it won't be a long one this time, particularly since we'd like two. Friends have recommended all sorts of gadgetry to help (clearblue monitor, ovulation sticks, pre-seed etc.) I am more than happy to use any of these things but wondered which has more anecdotal evidence of being actually helpful. Last time I used temperature and CM to work out ovulation but it was tedious and I never felt totally sure.
    So what did you use?
  2. Hi julie,
    My OH and I have been ttc since April 2010 (so about 21 months). In that time I've not even had a hint of a BFP. We have used OPKs, CB monitor, BBT charting, preseed and conceive plus lubricants, drunk grapefruit juice. All to no avail. I've had blood tests and a scan and all have come back fine; OH had a semen analysis done and that was fine too.
    What I'm trying to say is: even if there's nothing 'wrong' with you, and you've used every known gadget you can, there's only a 25% chance each moth of being successful and sometimes, even though you might DTD at the right time, with all the things that have been mentioned, it just doesn't happen.
    Unfortunately, ferility is a lottery and no gadget can guarantee you will get that BFP.
    I'm 3DPO and if still no BFP this cycle, I'll be going back to the GP.
    Good luck with your journey.
  3. I'm sorry you've not been lucky so far Antoniou :-( I know how hard it is. It took me three years first time round so I do really know, it's horrible. I've not heard of drinking grapefruit juice though... Of course I know that nothing can guarantee anything, I know that more than most. You WILL get there. It took my sister three years too. She was at the end of her tether when she got pregnant at long last and now I have a gorgeous nephew. Keep your chin up. x
  4. Temping a bit - that one miscarried, then temping again light-touch just to determine my cycles were screwed up post-miscarriages, that lots weren't ovulatory cycles anymore -and then, sorry for the cliche here, a mixture of giving up and grieving for the idea of having a child - and a "sod it - by X date I WILL be pregnant or have the baby" attitude and virtually chaining hubby to the bed!
    Think to be honest it was a combination of the feeling of control from the temp charting, and the fact it narrowed things down to cut down the amount of incessant bonking (years of bonking every 2 days gets really really monotonous and cuts your lovelife down to "Ok whip it out and get it up quick - need to write the shopping list and get to Tescos" levels).
  5. Hi Julieacorn,
    I'm 20weeks pregnant and was trying for 18months. I used ovulation sticks...but the cheapest ones I could find from China on ebay, they are the same sensitivity as clearblue but a fraction of the price. I also kept an ovulation/cycle record on an ovulation app on my phone. Although the pressure did get to me and OH and it was when we stopped trying that we hit gold. Keep the faith and know that 2 years is deemed a normal amount of time, although it certainly doesnt feel like it.
    All the best Jen
  6. I used the really cheap ov sticks from ebay and they always worked. Also charted on fertilityfriend.com but this only confirms you have ovulated after the event! I was lucky that I always got a massive temperature dip on the day of ovulation so after 4 mths of trying post mmc we DTD on ov day and I am now 17wks preg. No lube is meant to be best but if we needed it we used preseed as normal stuff is meant to kill off sperm
    I looked back at my charts from my toddler and the cycle we conceived him we also DTD on ov day. Don't know if this made a difference for us because OH's SA showed 50% quantity and 50% motility so maybe they got to where they needed to be before giving up as they may have done when we DTD on pre ov days. I was 36 when we conceived our toddler and 38 this time, soon to be 39 eeek!
    Hope to read about a happy ending for you soon x
  7. For me, it took 2 years trying by ourselves and then 60+ self-administed injections, countless hormone tablets & capsules, a fertility consultant, embryologists and ICSI treatment.... Quite a lot of gadgets and gizmos....!
  8. I have CB monitor which I bought years ago when trying first time round but I never got to use it in the end. I have bought 20 sticks to use with it and I thought I'd give it a go the first month or two until I know roughly when I'm ovulating and then use cheapy sticks for subsequent months. If a test tells you that you are ovulating does that mean you have to do it now as tomorrow will be too late?! Or does it detect when the time is near?
  9. The OPKs detect that you are about to OV and can therefore dtd any time during the next 48 hrs. As I'm taking part in a fertility study, I go for internal scans once I get a positive OPK. On some occasions, ov is detected on that day, but on others (this cycle for example) I didn't ov until 3 days later. HTH.
  10. Oh tatty-bear, how lovely :) I got my period today so I can start using the CB monitor tomorrow. I really hope this doesn't take too long. I'm so overdue ready for a family. It's such a short window each month and I already know that March is a no-goer as partner away. Fingers crossed!
  11. CB monitor for us, too. TTC for seven months using egg white mucus - got pregnant on second cycle of using CB monitor (so 9 months in total), which showed I was actually ovulating a couple of days after the egg white mucus (sorry if too much info!).
  12. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Try doing a totally healthy lifestyle thimng. Only gentle exercise too. This worked for lots of people I knoe and theplus is it cannot harm you. Also take folic acid right now, yes this is good for the baby, but alsohas been said to make you more fertile. I know people who reduced use of chemicals, maybe coincednce it worked for the, but it can't hurt to try can it? And am obvious one, have sex every day.
  13. Definitely get book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". I recommend it to everyone, is really useful. dont waste money on expensive ovulation tests or pregnancy tests - the cheap ones on Ebay are just the same, but just not as posh looking. I used Fertility Friend too, it only tells you after the fact that you have ovulated, but it is useful to have the information there, in case you need to show it to a doctor if you have trouble conceiving. After readiing Taking Charge of YOur Fertility, the best thing I learnt was about cervical mucus!!!! It sounds disgusting, but if you have the egg white mucus, then do the deed! Good luck xx
  14. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I conceived very quckly at age 38, 39 and 41 and miscarried. Turns out I have a slight progesterone deficiency.
    I cut out soya from my diet (false oestrogens) and the usual, alcohol and caffeine. Had reiki and acupuncture - although it turned out I was already pregnant when I started acupuncture. The acupuncturist worked on keeping my body temp higher as it was low.
    My consultant told me not to bother with the OPKs as they weren't very accurate and that only a scan would say if I was OVing - I checked this when I was having a scan and he was right!
    Keeping me pregnant involved twice weekly injections, twice daily pessaries and eating lots of sweet potato!
    8 month old is currently sleeping on my lap.
    Good luck!
  15. Thanks for your replies. I have had hormone tests and they're all fine. I'm using the clearblue monitor which said I ovulated a few days ago. This surprised me a bit as I would have said I ovulate a few days later in my cycle - but maybe I've been getting it wrong. Anyway, I did the deed on the 'best' day so am now just hoping..
    I don't drink tea, coffee or alcohol anyway. I have cut out parabens as I've heard that's not good. Anyway let's see....
  16. impis

    impis New commenter

    A turkey baster did it for me.[​IMG]

    Well, the hosptital equivilant, anyway.

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