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What format do you use to keep evidence for FS profiles?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by looby21, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. looby21

    looby21 New commenter

  2. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    Like one of the previous posters we had OFSTED last year, and I had 1:1 moderation of my EYFS assessments. OFSTED were happy with my assessments/recording and the in the 1:1 moderation I was told they were very good. This system works for us but might not work for everyone.

    We have 1 chronological learning journey for each child. I have tried them separated into areas of learning but found that this didn't work as one piece of evidence might hit lots of different areas - almost everything will provide evidence of PSED and CLL. Often PSRN will also show evidence of CD. I stick in post-its of incidental observations and (fewer) records of formal activities e.g. if the children have played a Maths game with an adult or done some cooking. We do have quite a few photos but many of them are printed in b&w to save money. Everything is annotated with the date, whether the activity was child initiated or adult led, the ELGs hit and the initials of the adult making the observation. We don't have any formal observations but this is a personal choice - because we have 3 year groups in 1 class it is just impossible to spend 30 seconds, let alone 5 minutes, observing one child!

    Children's formal work (not much) is kept in an individual folder, art work goes straight home, I include annotated photocopies of informal writing in the learning journeys. Following my moderation the 1 thing that I have changed this year is the use of speech bubble shaped post its (just to make things look pretty) to record the children's comments about things in their learning journeys if they are looking at them. I often stick things in to learning journeys on Friday afternoons and usually have a gaggle of children around me looking and commenting.

    The important thing is to find a method that works for you and your team; if you can justify the way that you do things OFSTED have to go with the flow. There is nothing set in stone about how they should be done and my annual LEA moderation has shown that there as many different ways of recording the children's learning as there are schools.
  3. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    PS Sorry, all of my line breaks have been deleted so this looks like a stream of consciousness!
  4. looby21

    looby21 New commenter

    Thank you for all of your replies - they are really useful. I think I'm trying to find a way that works, that doesn't take up so much time! But I guess there's never going to be an easy way of keeping all the evidence required.

    I just find that I never have a spare 5 minutes especially with all the time that setting up activities takes. Spend my life printing photos, cutting out photos, sticking photos, when I could just have a quicker system and then I could focus on highlighting ELG's and focusing on what the child needs to achieve next etc.

    Feel like I have no work life balance at the moment! Does anyone else feel like this? :-/
  5. I feel exactly the same looby! I am being moderated this year and we are expecting Ofsted. I am panicking now because I don't seem to have much evidence but I really don't know the best way to go about it. I have kept a learning journey - including samples of children's child initiated writing, drawing and included annotated photos - but half way through the year there is hardly anything in them. I have tried to keep them neat so they can go home at the end of year so I have put post-its and notes in another folder. When I highlight the profiles I don't use the evidence (is this really bad?) because I know the children and what they can and can't do. I am not sure that someone sifting through all the evidence would give the same profile points. I really wish I could start the year all over again and do things differently!
  6. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    If you "know" there must be reasons that you "know" and as long as you can articulate the reasons everyone should be happy. That was my beef with our moderators. They wanted it all glued in the book.
  7. Each child has a work folder, where we file annotated photos, worksheets, art work etc, usually this is full of child-initiated examples of work. they all have an a4 book which they do work in, or we stick some work in, mostly adult-led work.

    We write observation notes on sticky labels. Each child has an a4 sheet for each term where we stick the labels.

    For each ad.t led activity we keep a record of how well they met the objective, and our own comments.

    Each child has an a3 copy of the profile poi to, we highlight the, in a different colour each term and date when achieved, the colours show a very visual pattern of progression on a term.y basis.
  8. Hi in a slightly different position in an International School using EYFS. This year am trailing using google apps with google sites. Everything is electronic photos of children children's work comments on the photos including what the children say and a summing up of the month with where next for the child and alao ideas to help at home .As this is done every month the parents are updated almost like a rolling report ( hence we have done away with school reports) , the parents can comment online or print out if they wish. Totally secure as only the person with the email address you put in can access the site also totally free and supported by google.
    Less printing cutting and sticking more interacting with children and reviewing what you are doing and how the children are doing, almost real time updates for parents
  9. This is really interesting, our pre-school are thinking of trialling an on-line tracking system which helps to collate observations, photographs and which you can produce the children's profiles from, print out statistics etc. It costs of course. Was wondering if you know if this app is Ofsted approved, and how I can find out about it.
  10. My previous school used Target Tracker - that does electronic collation of photos and recording of progress, but its not online. We made CDs for the Learning Journeys and had nice photos inthe reports to the parents.
  11. Did they find it easy to use? This is on-line and can be accessed from any internet enabled computer so the information isn't held on that computer, Not sure how parents will feel about this we have yet to ask, but you can email their childs profile straight to them.
  12. qualiteacher

    qualiteacher New commenter

    Sleeves, this sounds really interesting - what is it called? do you have a website? I am also in an International school and this sounds perfect for us.
  13. Mmm, for international schools the restrictions may not apply, but for UK schools there may be issues of data protection for data held on web servers. LAs are becoming very aware of these issues of late.
  14. Hi,
    We have started using a program calledTarget Tracker where you can store all the children's photographs electronically in the relevant profile point and the comments that would have been on post-its, straight into a comment box. This means I only have long observations and photocopies of work in an evidence file.
  15. lilmomred

    lilmomred New commenter

    We had 1:1 moderation last year and both moderators felt that our learning journeys reflected our ovious enthusiasm for our class and they only thing they could recommend that may take it that one step further was to let the children stick in the things (although she said she was not brave enough to do that herself!) Following that this year I have a storage cupboard that I have decorated with bright stars and shapes. The learning journeys are kept in their along with some plastic wallets both with the children's picture and name on them. The children choose what they would like to keep from their CI work to put in the folder. I also include photo's and post-it's, comments from children and adults, parents and wow moments sent in from home. I annotate work and make off against profile as it goes into the folder. We then put the work in chronologically and just put in month labels as the month changes, can't really separate as so many things overlap in different areas. Parents/carers are then invited into school to share their child's learning journey and stick the things in together, then fill in a comment slip about what they have discussed with their child and what they think about the learning journey. Works for us. Learning journey then also forms part of report at the end of the year.

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