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What financial support is available for PGCE Post Compulsory?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by tavi, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. i like all my colleagues funded my dttls with a student loan.
  2. And thats to cover fees and living costs?
    I think I might just give up and accept my current hellish job and existence for all time to come. There doesnt appear to be any support or guidance out there for anyone like me.
  3. You need to take a different tack!
    Lots of us with FE certs get the job first and then get the qualification!
    Look at job ads and you will see they accept those 'willing to become qualified'.
    Then you get paid a bit less for a year or two and they pick up the tab for the certification.
    There is a lot of info out there (and in here) you just haven't found it yet [​IMG]

    What subject are you looking at? What are you qualifications or relevent experiences? Perhaps we could help more!
  4. I did a 2010/2011 PGCE PCET in Literacy. I received a £4000 bursary, a student loan and a tuition fee loan plus a grant from my universty. The bursary amount depended on the subject you were taking for example the numeracy students received a £6000.

    A lot of tutors in FE don't take the PGCE route. If you are lucky enough to gain a tutoring job before qualifying a you generally take the PTTLS, DTTLS, CTTLS route.

    The funding for PGCEs is changing this year. Not only will the amount differ depending what subject your are taking but also by your degree classification.

    Contact the uni's that you are applying for as they'll be able to give you the most relevant advice

  5. Most QTS-awarding bursaries are being severely slashed or removed altogether.
    My heart goes out to any prospective teachers... I would not have been able to become qualified without the support.
    Mind you, I'll be paying it back till I'm 45? :(
  6. I've been offered a place on a PGCE in TLLS now.

    I'm happy but still worried about funding...I cant even contemplate accepting until I know what's out there for me.

    Can anyone tell me if i'd be elligble to teach English given my degree is in History and Politics?
  7. The TDA doesn't get involved with bursaries for FE/LLS as we don't get QTS so I don't suppose degree class comes into it. HEFCE is involved with it instead.
    Try these contact details to find out the score on funding (I used it last year):
    Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) helpline on 0207 936
    5798 or by emailing enquiries@lifelonglearninguk.org

    Though LLUK ceased to exist last March so whether this still works...

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