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What extra-curricular clubs do you run?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Bloo, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Just as the title says! Do you have any exciting/different clubs and how well attended are they?
  2. Just the Ususal...I do...
    Girls Football, Swimming, X-Country, Indoor Athletics, Athletics and Netball.

    At school we also offer..Boys Football, Basketball, Cricket, Rounders and then we have various companies coming in with dance, rugby etc.
  3. At the moment nothing, but have run netball, football, tag rugby, drama, chess, gardening, art clubs. Depends on what is required at school and whether it can be done. Have other groups that come in to do different clubs at different times.
  4. currently cooking...also gardening and computer
  5. I do singing, recorders and music club at the moment. Going to be doing a samba band after easter break. Other staff do sporty type clubs and we have drama and spanish from outside agencies. All very well antended!
  6. drama, board-games, all sports, computers, newspaper,
    construction( Lego),various music, art, Library, playground games....think that's it!
  7. nature club and cross stitch
  8. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

  9. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Don't do clubs. Minimal contact time, that's my aim.....
  10. I run an arts and crafts club for P1-P3 at t min we have 25 and we run it 4 six wk blocks to keep up with demand.
  11. titus4t

    titus4t New commenter

    Chess - with chess kids and an ICT suite its quite easy and very peaceful!

    pee cee - what do you cook and with how many children? I'd like to do cookery but need ideas on what you can realistically make in 45 mins.

    (Though actually I hate clubs and find them a really b*****y chore but that's another rant...)
  12. titus, we are really into it!!!

    we used sainsbury vouchers last year and bouht all our cooking things including cookers

    we try to use healthy recipes but also go seasonal,,,like easter and christmas. today we made cheesy marmite twists with pastry..easy peasy.
    we make salads and fruit kabobs, shepards pie, tuna casserole, lots of stuff. I have all my recipes at school if you decide to so it, then email me

    we have 10 children per group for 6 weeks, although this seesion we ended up with 13 by mistake. its good to have even numbers to work ni pairs. we create a recipe book which they stick their recipe in each week...

    I have two helpers...actually they run it and I am recipe typer and dish washer. my helpers are very dedicated TAs who love their job to stay after school!

    you do need help to run it... don't do it alone...

  13. titus4t

    titus4t New commenter

    You are added to favourites pee cee! I need to wait till after SATS but may give it a go Thank you!
  14. I think I am a dyslexic typer,,,my spelling is so bad on here...
    titus, no worries,,,email me!
  15. Wow - the eco car club sounds really interesting! Has anyone else ever run a 'Green' club/recycling club?
  16. I have done juggling club - used bean bags and also added yoyo skills and spinning plates for those that just did not get the knack of juggling. Even did a bit of 'tightrope' with a long skipping rope laid out across the hall floor and a narrow PE bench - kids loved it!
  17. I do lunch time Yr1/YR2 story club
    After school craft club done in blocks of half terms I like to do projects eg,puppet making,mosaic tile decorating plates,bowls,applique cushion cover making.i limit club to 12 KS2 and they pay £3 for the half term to cover cost of things we use.
    I will start environment/outdoor club this half term, again lunch time 30 mins KS2 children .
    I also oversee the cshool council lunchtime meetings every 2 to 3 weeks.

    school also does loads of sport,gymnastics,cookery afterschool
    story club for R, choir,recorders lunchtime
  18. Dance and gymnastics . . . .
  19. Poppychick

    Poppychick New commenter

    Just finished Cookery Club for Y3 and 4.
  20. I run an ICT club for year 3 After SATs I will be running a textile recycling club for year 6 This will principally be remodelling existing clothes into clothes they would want to wear. This is a passion of mine and will be run alongside a year 6 teacher.

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