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What else can we do?!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by boperella, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. It's 25 to 11pm and I'm looking on generic job web sites.
    Feeling rubbish. Got the mortgage to pay, no job for September and looks like supply isn't going to give me much work.

    What on earth are we supposed to do?!
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Nothing you can do self employed? Thats what I'm trying. I've been applying for weekend job whilst I try and get it off the ground. Think I've applied for about 20ish in the past fortnight, not heard a peep of them either though [​IMG]
    Theres still time yet... You looked at GEM and that for jobs in museums etc. I quite like guardian jobs too xx
  3. where are you from?
  4. I'm landlocked! Looking at Birmingham and Worcestershire really. I can't do self employed as my partner is a landscaper and self employed so mine is the only regular wage. I've been told of the agency my current school use and they told a retiring teacher that they didn't have enough candidates to fill demand which seems at complete odds to the supply picture I've got in these tes of budget cuts!

    So deflated just like so many teachers. Where have all the jobs gone?! And all the teachers come from?! X
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Just wonder hiw much that comment was based on truth & not 'agency speak' to make them sound as if they're doing a grand job of finding people!
  6. Exactly my thinking! Oh Lordy.

  7. This is due to absolutely horrific workforce planning.
  8. Me too. I have applied for a job at Next and was told too many applicants to get through so not this time, 2 travel agancies and 2 building societies, not heard from either of the other ones. It took so long to get my references for supply that after being made redundant in April I only got cleared for supplt the day schools broke up for half term. I have so far had 3.5 days - 1 full day and 3 afternoons of work. I am signing on for JSA however you get to keep the first £5 earned then the wage is deducted, but still £30 quid better off each week for me on little work. This is for when working up to 16 hours. Number of hours is debateable and I am currently on little work so declaring 6 hour days and 3 hour half days but if I did suddenly get 3 days one week I may declare them as 5 hour days. Supply agency and jobcentre couldn't help on this!! Still not really enough to keep afloat though.

    Are you signing on and claiming whatever you can? I was told I could claim mortgage interest relief after 12 weeks but this turned out to be a load of rubbish as you can claim it only on income based JSA. I am on contribution based for 26 weeks at which point you get nothing or change to income based if you partner works less than 24 hours. Looks like we would be better off if my husband worked 24 hours and not full time!!!

    I am setting myself up as a freelancer whilst on supply next term if I don't get a job before this term is done. I am a music specialist so will advertise to do PPA cover, general supply as well as workshops and staff training. What are your specialisms? The TDA have announced some CPD money today for teachers teaching SEN and other specific subjects so if you could devise some training around any of those areas you may get some work.

    No other suggestions, can just totally sympathise!
  9. me too, ive applied for over 20 :(
  10. Me too. I've applied for over 20. Anything that has come up in my area. I had an interview today and I was told the usual that I was the runner up but to please apply again should something come up because I am a strong contender. If I was so strong why didn't I get the job but the student did? Was money a factor? I had no feedback as to what I did wrong or how to improve but that she was slightly better.
    It's hard not to feel bitter. I have another interview tomorrow and I don't know how I can face attending. I am so used to being told I have been unsuccessful and I just can't face another.
    I have some job applications out that are outside of teaching and I really hope I get one. I can't face another round of applications or demoralising interviews.

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