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What else can I do?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pottersbar, May 25, 2007.

  1. Hi
    I am resigning my current job, due to a bullying HT and an unsupportive SMT. Love teaching. Confidence totally destroyed. What else can I do?
  2. Hi
    I am resigning my current job, due to a bullying HT and an unsupportive SMT. Love teaching. Confidence totally destroyed. What else can I do?
  3. oh my god - i read that and thought i had posted it - that is so me!

    i've contacted LEA about my school - you owe it to yourself to fight this!
  4. Tried to fight it, but HT very clever. Obviously done this before. Think she got LEA on her side. Union trying to help, but don't think I got the energy to fight it. Defeatist, I know, but my health is at stake here.
    Feel I must add that I'm a single parent of two young children.
  5. Feel so sorry for you!
    I suppose you need to find something else - but very difficult when you have had such a bad experience.
    Do you not have any support within school?
    You must find someone to listen / support etc etc
    Take care
  6. This happened to me three years ago. My headteacher further put the boot in by giving me a stinking reference. I was so miserable and, like you, had no energy to fight my corner. I got a temporary contract for a year in another school and slowly got my confidence back. It's now three years on and I'm on the SMT of a large primary school. My horrible ex-head made a visit to our school last month and seeing her again brought back all the stomach lurching horrible feelings.

    Your post gives your answer - you love teaching but hated who you worked for. So go find some other school where the horrible management won't be and you can be a teacher again. Good luck and I really feel for you.
  7. Even if you have to do supply, once you've done some work in another school you can use them for your reference, and you'll never have to deal with HT again.
  8. Thanks for all your messages of support. How can HTs get away with this sort of victimisation? Life's so unfair!! Will take some time out to think about my options. Will keep you posted.
  9. I went down the supply route for a while - if you can go for it, you get to see a lot of different schools and then you may find one that fits you perfectly.
  10. shelleymccuk

    shelleymccuk New commenter

    Proceed with union involvement and don't give up!!! You owe it to yourself and any other members of staff who will suffer at the hands of this HT to fight it. Although not a bullying-related incident I had to involve my union 5 years ago against the HT of the school where I then worked and I have to say that the union was fantastic. The day before the Tribunal the HT 'suddenly' realised the seriousness of the situation and a payout was negotiated by the union. Find the energy to fight it - in all honesty the union do most of the work for you (that's waht they're paid for) - I would not hesitate to do the same thing again if necessary. HTs can NOT be allowed to get away with bullying staff so do something about it; believe me, you'll feel a lot better if you do.
  11. byronipuss

    byronipuss New commenter

    I've just seen your post (haven't been on here for ages) and am interested to know the sort of thing you went
    through, Shelley. My doctor signed me off with stress & acute anxiety three weeks ago. I feel totally broken by the HT and her bullying ways. The way I've been treated (for over 6 years now) has left me so depressed & negative. I've no self-esteem or confidence. I couldn't even pretend any more.

    So, instead of being concerned or trying to find out what led up to this, the HT has sent me a formal letter suggesting at incompetence (thought she cleverly hasn't used that word) and unreliability due to being off ill at a particularly inconvenient time. She is too clever for me - and we have lost loads of brilliant teachers over the years because of her nasty attitude and 'below the belt' remarks & actions.

    I've been to see the union rep and, though sympathetic & supportive (he's dealt with many such cases at our school), I don't hold out too much hope that he'll be able to do much.

    In any case, since reading her letter, I know I can never face going back. I'm so paranoid at the moment that I can't leave the house - I even jump when the back gate goes, afraid that she's 'come to get me' (no, really).

    Reading these posts has been very comforting to me, knowing there are others out there going through - or having been through - the same nightmare. I can't believe these monsters get away with it, year after year.


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