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What don't you need to buy!!?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Ameljilty, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Sorry about iPhone typos! I hope you can make sense of my post! :)
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    A 'top and tail' bowl or baby bath - Only used for a few weeks and can easily be done without.
  3. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    We havent used the baby monitor (got given it anyway but it can be expensive!) as the baby is loud enough and if in another room we check on him every 10-20 mins anyway.
    Another item that we paid quite a lot for but only used it for a few weeks was the moses basket. LO came out of it at about 6 weeks but a lot of babies struggle to sleep in them anyway. If you buy one look for a reasonably priced/cheap one.
    Tons of baby products. In 11 weeks the only thing ive used is talc, body wash and a miniture bottle of baby shampoo which is still 3/4 full!
    Cotton wool for bums! Next time i'll go straight to wipes, which is one thing you need a lot of. I had about 12 packets before LO was born and ran out within about 8 weeks.
  4. we were very lucky and were given alot of things - including moses basket, swinging chair (I wouldn't have bought 1 but LO loves it) clothes (new and second hand) furniture. Actually the only things we did buy were a travel system and a bargain cot from ebay!
    I personally hate sleepsuits! (can't fasten them quickly enough- LO hates being undressed) and so he wears them for bed only (we had at least 50 in each size, upto 6-9 months sp I exchanged alot for little outfits - not meaning to be ungrateful to people who had bought them)
    I agree about the top and tail bowl - my mum insisted I would need one but a normal bowl/container would be just as easy. -we didn't get a baby bath because I have a bad back (couldn't lift it) did get a seat which sits in the bath - I find it great (but that is a personal back thing)
  5. I agree that a baby bath is a waste of money and effort as it's so much easier to just put them in the big bath, and they grow out of the little one pretty quickly. (That said, we did use it for a while to put her in all wrapped up in a towel whilst waiting to fill the big bath, haha!)For my next one I will probably get a little support for the big bath.
  6. Oh and i was convinced we needed a plastic baby box to store all her stuff- biggest waste of money ever! It's currently in her room housing loads of baby toiletries that we got as presents that we have never used and never will (baby has sensitive skin and is prone to mild eczema) Actually, might put it all in a bundle and get my brother to sell it on ebay for me! :)
  7. We've managed to get most of our stuff given to us or bought second hand. NCT nearly new sales are brilliant - we picked up so many bargains and only spent around £40. Freecycle is another really good source - it's amazing what people are prepared to give away, so we've spent very little. All the stuff is in great condition as well as most of it has been barely used.
  8. Did not use scratch mitts.They just fell off and baby did not really need them.
    Moses basket and cotton wool are essential for us. Could not use baby wipes on bum as baby had bad thrush nappy rash.
  9. My LO is 4 months and has only just left the moses basket at night and she sleeps in it in the day.... But try and find a cheap one/ I also use cotton wool as she has very sensitive skin- certainly used it at the start.
    I do use a monitor as I can't hear her from downstairs if I have the TV/Radio on

    Baby bath- use big bath, it is fine.
    Don't buy too many clothes as you will be given loads. Our main problem was, having a summer baby, we were given summer clothes in all sizes.
    We have loads of blankets we don't use- once she was big enough she went into her sleeping bag.
    Scratch mits were a pain but her nails are very sharp... we still use the next sleep suits with inbuilt scratch mits.
  10. Oh yes- and baby products.... Jonsons gives her a rash.... you need very little. A bath with just water is fine
  11. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    We didn't use the top and tail bowl after the first few days, same with cotton wool. I won't be getting cotton wool with my next one - wipes from the start!
    We had a crib, not a moses basket, but my son slept in a moses basket when we stayed at my parents', and he was practically too long for it at 6 weeks old, so I wouldn't bother with one.
    We didn't bother with scratch mitts after the first couple of days...especially with a June baby as it was hot.
    He didn't really like the baby chair. It had a thing that vibrates and plays music attached to it, and we ended up taking that off. Maybe my next one will like it though.
    We live in a flat, so didn't really need the monitor, just had it for peace of mind really. Even at my parents' house I could hear him from downstairs anyway.
    I did find the baby bath useful though (we had one with support in it) and I still use it now and my son is 18 months old! He has to sit the other way round in it now though! Our bath is pretty big and takes ages to fill up.
  12. outifts were a waste of time for me - my baby's better off in cotton vests and cotton sleep suits
    moses basket - i bought a second hand travel system with a carrycot so we've used that instead and saved money
    monitor - they sleep in your room for 6 months anyway
    sleep bras - i wear vest tops with with "secret support" (elesticated ledge) rather than a bra at night. matalan have some as does peacocks for £5 each. they have adjustable straps and pull down when i feed him at night.
    newborn clothes - my LO didn't fit them at all when born and is now growing out of the 0-3 clothes at 5 weeks
    indoor hats - the hospital recommended that we don't use hats inside as babies are in danger of over heating indoors if too wrapped up
    coat - he goes out in a jumper, covered in a blanket and then covered by the pram cover.
    special feeding tops if breastfeeding - wear a bump band under your top to cover your stomach when you pull your top up, or wear a vest with adjustable straps under your top, pull the vest down and your top up. your baby's head will cover what's exposed
  13. I had loads of outfits bought for LO so really just needed the undersuit things (technical term there!) Used a baby bath for 3 weeks - it was the fact that our bathroom was so cold that I wanted to bath him in the kitchen by the radiator more than anything else! Borrowed a moses basket off a friend and got a new matress from John Lewis for 15 or thereabouts. He grew out of it within 8 weeks anyway!
    Baby Gym was great for 3 months (and means you can actually put them down without screaming fits!)
    If saving money is a need then I used the process of asking if I could wash it all and if yes then it was ok but if not then I didn't buy it....(i tried to buy 2nd hand but couldn't resist the new stuff in the end!!)
  14. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    We love:
    • Baby bath- got one on freecycle and just put it in the big bath
    • Moses basket- agree it's silly to spend up to £100 on one from Mamas & Papas!
    • Wipes- bought lots before she was born
    • Cot top changer- cheaper than changing table, saves space but really useful
    • Lots of blankets as LO is still too small for a grobag
    • Sleepsuits- got bundles of nearly new on ebay
    • Quinny Buzz 3 with maxi cosi car seat- love it!
    I hate:
    • Scratch mitts- didn't need them
    • Fussy outfits for newborns- sleepsuits are much easier and cuter!

  15. Same - Primark do some in their sleepwear section for £2 - I also wear them under clothes to cover belly when feeding in company
  16. It really depends on you and your baby as you see there is lots of variation. But I will add my favourites:
    - bouncy chair (brilliant and got her independent from us but gave her another option to lying down)
    - wipes
    - plain white baby gros and vests from matalan with in built scratch mits
    - moses basket for our room
    - baby gym
    - grobags when big enough
    - swaddling blanket

    Didn't really use:
    - talc (not recommended by midwife or health visitor)
    - cotton wool
    - scratch mits
    - baby lotion

    Also I would recommend returning outfits you don't like or are not appropriate - I have to say I am with someone else - can't remember who - who preferred babys in babygros. I returned a load of stuff and then had vouchers to use through the year to buy stuff that I really needed.

    Oooh and good luck - it is worth the **** during pregnancy, labour and the knackering nights. Cuddles, smiles, chuckles and wet kisses from my 11 month old (to quote an advert) is priceless.

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