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What does your Year 1 classroom look like?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 1Elmer, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. As it says in the the title really. What does your layout look like? What do your walls look like? How much space do you have? Thanks for ideas.
  2. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    I have a reading/book corner with plants, books, seats, pillows and wall phonics. Sometimes i use this as a role play area. I tend to set the role play area up when we need it otherwise kids can be distracted. I also have a sand pit which is used during any free time or for phonic/counting actvities. I find only my LA/SEN chn want to play with the sand pit. The rest seem to want to draw and cut more than anthing.
    I have four tables. Two small for independent working and two big tables for focus group work. We work 80% of the time as a whole class. Then on a Friday (sometimes even thursday) I round up two small groups who need extra support or more time with either lit or num objectives and me and my TA help them catch up. The other two groups play with maths/lit or small world games.
    I used to think that CP was the way to go but actually, if you plan well and your lessons are engaging/multi-sensory then i think the whole class can work at the same time like in any other year group. It does depend on your class though. All my chn get on with the task and normally always complete it. Then if they need more time, then they get it:)
    The only whole class activity that doesnt seem to work is phonics. Chn are on different phases so hopefully we are going to split the classes for phonics.
    My classroom is very bright with lots of pictures of the chn up doing activities and smiling. I often write in speech bubbles next to their pictures. (i.g., 'we know our numberbonds' then i put their work up too.
  3. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    space is a big issue for me. I have 5 tables as we have to have 5 ability groups (basically) from y1 upwards to be in line with school policy. I have made a book area where I also have the puppets and role play. I have a v. small rectangle of lino where I am supposed to put the easel and the sand/water, but in practise, it doesn't work. I have tried to create a creative area, but the lack of space means that everything is very tight. We have no wall cupboards or a stockcupboard for storage, so everything has to be in trays on movable trollies which means that you lose a lot of floor space. I am already moving towards more whole class activites as it's v. hard to have some playing/ doing jigsaws/role play etc. when others are trying to concentrate- far too noisy!!
    what a conundrum y1 is! Am really hoping I can go back to EY nexy year- it's all much more straight forwards- fitting the learning to the child after it's taken p-lace rather than trying to enthuse 30 5 year olds who are used to 80% choosing in reception- about what you have been told to teach by an SMT curriculum, whole school planner. Things can only get better..................
  4. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I have just 2 tables where children work with an adult plus a creative table. In class there is construction corner, roleplay, ICT, book area, 2 builders trays for small world, creative area and carpet area. Luckily I have a large corridor outside that has sand, water, dough, painting and roleplay kitchen.
    There are some photos of it here - I got a bit carried away with dangling bits that half term so try and ignore it all and see past them!!!
  5. I set mine up just like an early years classroom as I have 10 reception and 20 Y1. Works well for the year ones. I only have two tables for " working" at. I try to do some group work with the Y1 in the continuous provision but it is difficult because I am restricted by whole school planning topics for Y1.
  6. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    wow! love your photos and resources Comenius!
    Just proves that this y1 transition/approach needs to be a whole school concern. My immediate thought is that whilst I think your planning is great and age appropriate, I'd never be allowed to submit that- it wouold be given straight back as too vague and not specificallly related to NLS andNNS Frameworks and there are no questions you will ask, no waltS and no WILFS.......................the list would go on and on and on.........
  7. Going round my room...drawers with activities in for CP (below working wall), book corner (book related display), my desk (under work from home display), interactive whiteboard, table of writing and craft materials, store cupboards (under sea of sounds phonics display), children's files (under window), table of treat boxes, house point containers, sticker charts etc (under class rules and behaviour chart), outside door, cupboard containing jigsaws and games, role play (by role play display and window), main topic display board, kitchen units with wet area flooring containing sand/water tray, coat pegs (for adult coats!), door.

    In the centre of the room are four tables and a huge carpet space!

    Isn't it hard to describe your room!
  8. oh, and it's very bright - lots of brightly backed walls and displays, red chairs, red and blue checked table cloths, blue carpet.
  9. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Thanks breadmaker - schools are so different aren't they? - I always think I plan way too much and was told by my Head not to do seperate medium term plans for subjects as it was too much planning!! As a school we don't use WALTS and WILFS and ks1 doesn't follow the literacy framework at all!!
  10. Interesting to see the pictures of someone elses Year 1 classroom! Mine looks totally different to that one! In many respects it's a lot like the rest of the classrooms through our school; I have 6 different group tables where the children work at for each lesson in the morning, an activity table with play dough/sand on depending on which activities we are doing that day and dedicated role play and book corners. Will try and put some pics on when I figure out where to upload them to!
  11. This all looks good, thankyou. My main concern is that I have 5 very big tables, too big for a yr 1 classroom that take up all the room so ive got a very cramped book corner/listening area/writing corner because we can hardly move around. The other 2 year 1 classes are lucky to have tables in proportion to their room for the chn and large reading and listening areas. Mine looks awful. Added to that, the phase leader doesnt want us to do a FS2 type day where we have focus groups and independent work because he is worried we wont get everything in. As it stands I dont have a role play area, sand, water, paint area, plus other areas needed for transition and there have been no comments made. How can I jazz up the areas I have? I also only have 3 display boards - 2 are working walls for Literacy and Numeracy. 1 side of my classroom is windows, 1 side is doors that are bolted shut to make a wall and look awful and another side with 1 display, 1 tiny display board and shelves above the sink. I have no storage space for my own files so everything is out in the classroom. Im not happy with it at all.

    Please help!!
  12. Quite honestly, id like to go back to FS2 or into FS1 for the first time. I definately prefer that!
  13. Could you get your EY adviser in to chat about transition, then maybe your phase leader might be a bit more flexible? I was at a meeting recently with teachers who run their Y1 and Y2 classroom with continuous provision. One teacher did not have space either and she had resource boxes and trays that she set up on the tables during the day for different activities. Can you do any learning outdoors?
  14. We can't do a huge amount of outdoor learning either because we have 3 reception classes and a 60 place nursery to share it with. Reception r always out these using most of the areas. I suppose I could turn my corner into a better reading area with the writing area in a box instead of taking up a whole table giving them room to sit a read. Just need some good cushions! Do u display keywords if so, how? Again, limited room!
  15. I bought plain white pillow cases and used old pillows inside them. I also bought fabric pens and decorated the pillow cases with high frequency words and letters. There are some bought cushions in the reading corner, but the children like the pillows the best!

    My "writing area" is equipment on a side table, paper in a drawer, help yourself and write. There's also writing in the role play.

    I love my huge carpet space as most children don't sit at the table to play at home, they play on the floor. Most of the time I find my carpet area is full and there's a handful of children doing something at a table.
  16. We can't do a huge amount of outdoor learning either because we have 3 reception classes and a 60 place nursery to share it with. Reception r always out these using most of the areas. I suppose I could turn my corner into a better reading area with the writing area in a box instead of taking up a whole table giving them room to sit a read. Just need some good cushions! Do u display keywords if so, how? Again, limited room!

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