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What does the term 'spotting' actually mean?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by antoniou, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm hoping you lovely ladies can help me.
    AF is due any day now and I'm a bit confused. I started to get a bit of light brown spotting 2 days ago. It was very light and only a bit on my underwear. Yesterday I had some vary dark brown/red in my undies, but again very light, but when I went to the loo there was a lot of pinky'red on the tissue. By the time I was going to bed, it was bright red when I wiped, so I thought AF was on her way. However, this morning there was nothing on the pad, but some light brown on the tissue, but I put a fresh pad on just in case. AT break time there was a little bit of pinky/red on the pad, but bright red (quite a lot) on the tissue. Went to the loo again at lunch and nothing.
    Basically, could this be spotting/implantation? Or is AF just messing me about? Has anyone else experienced this?
    I used to have spotting about a week before AF (starting light brown, the darker till AF arrived) when I first came off the pill, but the last 2 cycles I had no spotting, so I thought that maybe my body was returning to normal and now it's happening again!
  2. I think it is impossible to tell.
    Implantation bleeding is different from one person to another - I had pink spotting for about 2 days with my first, timing wise it would have been at 3+5 - 3+6. I thought it was my period starting.
    Then I also had what was described by the EPAU as 'implantation bleeding' from 5-11 weeks.
    I think yes, it could be implantation or it could be your period messing you around.

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