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What does it take to become an FE College Principal?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Jaquipobble, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Fantastic experience?

    Good connections?

    An impressive educational background?

    A bribe?

    Sales experience?

    An ability to talk smack?

    An act of God?

    Been through the worst experience of my life. Cricky, what does it take?
  2. A brass neck?

    Being the last man standing....
  3. Air


    A first class hons degree in sycophancy usually goes down well!!
  4. welshskyline

    welshskyline New commenter

    Well, what happened, then?
  5. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    A long tongue with no taste buds. And being mediocre or worse at everything. A charisma bypass also seems to help.
  6. Depends on the College. if it's a truly decent one, a NPQH (or whatever it's called), good communication and organisational skills, a willingness to care about staff and students. If it's just a college that wants to appear decent:

    1. A love of politics (or sound of one's own voice/ sight of one's own face in the media)

    2. Excellent knowledge of the fairy tale an emperor's new clothes.

    3. The ability/willingness to create a corporate bullying organisational structure.

    4. The ability to fudge statistics.

    5. Poor communication/organisational skills.

    6. A track record of Grade 4 teaching is desirable but not essential.
  7. FEsenco

    FEsenco New commenter

    This is an extract from the FE college I work in - currently looking for a new principal (or Chief Executive!):

    X College wants to appoint a CEO from either the Private, Voluntary or Public sectors with excellent experience & skills to deliver on growth plans.

    The CEO will report to the Governing Body, have a minimum of 3 years experience operating at Board/Senior Management level within medium to large sized organisation.

    Should demonstrate some knowledge of and empathy for the challenges facing the further education sector.

    Degree qualified, strong commercial, financial and business acumen complemented by an entrepreneurial/innovative approach to achieving success within a highly competitive and challenging environment.

    I was shocked (and slightly annoyed) that no teaching or education experience was required. Unfortunately it seems FE colleges are now businesses first, education a bonus! Or at least it seems that way!

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