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What does a TA /LSA do?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by lilmermy, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all
    I am in the process of completing a study on the diverse roles of TA's and LSA's. I would be extremely grateful of anyone who would be willing to answer the following questions...
    1. What is your job title?
    2.What jobs are you required to complete?
    3. Have you received any training?
    Thankyou for your imput into this study [​IMG]. If you would rather not post but would still like to offer your information you can send me a private message.

  2. Hi lilmermy, I've been working as an LSA for three years now. I've done a degree in Education Studies and Early Childhood Education, and pretty much just had to wing it from there! I'd volunteered a lot in the school where I did my placements and observations to do with my course, so I did at least know some of the staff and the Head.

    In terms of training, I've done Paediatric First Aid and Level 2 Food Hygiene (because I am also the co-ordinator of the after school club, and it's a requirement for food prep). I've had additional training on using Epipens, teaching music and music notation, P4C (philosophy for children), play therapy and the usual plethora of inset related stuff. I haven't had anything which teaches you how to 'be' an LSA, if that was what you were getting at.

    I'm in year 1 currently, but have also done Foundation Stage.

    In an average week, I'll work various different intervention groups, usually around 1:6 - 1:8 ratio for catch-up phonics (3 different groups at different levels - one low [initial letter sounds to begin with], one middle [diagraphs] and an extension group for higher ability). I take each group once a week.

    I also do 1:1, 3 times a week with 4 different children individually (lowest ability) for reading games and maths games.

    I'm supposed to rotate daily so that I work with a different group each day to give support during maths and english, but because we've had an extremely low ability group this year, it's ended up where I've been pretty much shackled to their table! It's worked though, and they've made good progress, so worth it.

    I'll also do the additional support for the EAL children, and document for the LA, to show they're getting their provision.

    I do additional interventions for out statemented children, which is different for each child, some academic, some social and emotional.

    I take the gym trail children twice a week for gross and fine motor skills.

    I hear each child read individually twice a week, go through their key words with them, hear them all as part of a group read weekly.

    I teach music to the whole of year 1, in their two separate classes.

    I take my class for ICT once a week.

    I mark homework and send out the new set, mark the spelling tests, do the photocopying and hunt for resources for the lessons (wherever in the school they may be hidden!).

    I collect the snack in the mornings, do all of the classroom displays and those our class is responsible for throughout the school. I change up the reading and library books. I tidy the classroom, clean up whatever bodily fluids are flying around, deal with whatever behavioural/emotional/medical crises arise throughout the day.

    I take the register a couple of times a week, let the children out to their parents a couple of times a week, take the children into a few assemblies each week in order to free up the class teacher.

    Hope that's enough detail for you! If you need anything else, just ask! :)

    I don't know why my paragraphs aren't showing up on the finished post - sorry!
  3. Hi Kelly sounds to me you need to just get that piece of paper that a lot of teaching assistants need the one that has 'teacher' on it. Your list of duties defo warrant it. Hope your wage increases with the year one teaching music as this sounds very much like HLTA duties. So many schools take advantage of the enthusiastic types like yourself.[​IMG]

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