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What does A.P.T.C. SCALE 4/5, £16,536 - £20,736 PRO-RATA mean?!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by marilyn22, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. marilyn22

    marilyn22 New commenter

    Hi I have found a learning mentor job I would like to apply for but Iam a little confused with the pay terms what does A.P.T.C mean?? Also I get confused with pay scales too!! Also is £16,536 before or after tax!??

    Any help would be great!!
  2. marilyn22

    marilyn22 New commenter

    Hi I have found a learning mentor job I would like to apply for but Iam a little confused with the pay terms what does A.P.T.C mean?? Also I get confused with pay scales too!! Also is £16,536 before or after tax!??

    Any help would be great!!
  3. That's the salary youd get if you worked all year 37 hours. You have to divide by 52 multiply by the weeks you work plus holiday entitlemnt for full time of course it will be less if job is part time.
  4. chey

    chey New commenter

    it means you earn a lot less !
    which area are you ?
    here you would be pro rata to 37 hours and 39 weeks plus holiday pay so less hours than 37 would cause a drop as well as the drop in pay from not getting paid for 52 weeks .
    £16536 is point 18 on the NJC payscale up to £20736 is point 25 so you would get yearly increments starting at point 18 and moving up year on year til you reached point 25 when you could get no higher.
  5. marilyn22

    marilyn22 New commenter

    ok think im more confused now ha ha!

    Im in merseyside, it for 20 hours per week for 52 weeks??

    Im really rubblish at math roughly how much would i be getting a month?!

    thanks again! x
  6. OK I think it works out as 8.59 an hour or 171.80 a week. Are you sure you get paid for 52 weeks? Thats quite rare these days. If it is for 52 weeks it is £8900 if it is term time only it should be £7300. (All figures are approximate)

    Just as a point of reference for you I'm a learning mentor but in my area we get paid less than that, we get a maximum of £8.40 an hour so for the job your vacancy is not bad pay.
  7. Oooh sorry you asked per month so if its 52 weeks a year its about £740 but if its term time only its roughly £600 before tax.
  8. marilyn22

    marilyn22 New commenter

    Yes I think its 52 weeks the ad says


    Sorry to be bombarding you with questions, but what kind of career development is there with learning mentoring? I worked on a voluntary basis in a 6th form mentoring students but this post is with primary children. :)
  9. chey

    chey New commenter

    does it say its for 52 weeks ? thats fairly unusual these days or does it say term time only ?

    In my authority your wage would be worked out so :-

    20/37 x 43.33/52 x £16,536 = £7448

    (where 20/37 is the hours you work part time instead of full time at 37 hrs ,and where 43.33 /52 is the weeks they pay you for ie termtime only -38 weeks school 1 week inset and just over 4 weeks hols )

    divide that by 12 months so you get equal pay each month = £620.66 a month before tax

    It is of course possible that merseyside class a different number of hrs as full time and pay 52 weeks or pay a different amount of holiday paid weeks .Check out other ads in merseyside and you may be able to tell or ring and ask .
  10. chey

    chey New commenter

    Ah - it DOESNT say you get paid for 52 weeks - it says its a one year contract (52 weeks ) so temporary in fact . The Pro Rata likely includes the number of weeks as well as the hours . It is very likely my calculation is correct as is Mentorists .
  11. Hang on, some learning mentors do actually work 52 weeks, they work through the holidays, maybe thats the case for this vacancy?

    Can you give us a link to the job ad?
  12. chey - my calculation was rounded down slightly and included 4 weeks holiday pay when in fact I think we get slightly more than 4 weeks, so you are probably closer than me!
  13. chey

    chey New commenter

    Good point Mentorist !
    I did a search for jobs and found a TA3 job in merseyside - that was termtime only .
  14. marilyn22

    marilyn22 New commenter

    yep sure heres the link


    hope you can shed some light!
    Thing is I have just doen my pgce must i much prefered working on a one to one basis with the pupils. Would my pay rate be increased because I have a pgce or would it not be taken into account?
  15. chey

    chey New commenter

    Mentorist I just used how my LA works it out - the 43.33 wks is the starting point and you can get more with length of service , also depends on your level - I now get 46.09 wks paid (having said that I used to be paid 52 weeks before single status - didnt lose out though I actually gained but now awaiting job evaluation at some point which could go either way ! )
  16. chey

    chey New commenter

    well my guess from the ad would be termtime only but the only way to be sure would be to ring and ask . The fact that you have your PCGE would not make any difference in my school but you never know if they have a big budget they may be willing to pay at a higher point within the scale 18-25
    My question would be are they expecting you to have a mentoring qualification (level 1 mentioned ) - any thoughts Mentorist ?
    Also would you need more experience than a 1 yr PGCE in a school setting to do the job ? Forgive me if you do have - just things that came to mind on reading the ad - may be worth that phonecall for an informal chat about wages, conditions , experience before you apply ?
    Good luck anyway let us know what you find out .
  17. marilyn - no a PGCE doesn't normally get you more money but if you have a very generous school they could start you on a higher point up the scale - it's always worth asking. At the very best you will be on about £10.77 an hour which is about £215 a week or £9260 a year if term time only or £11100 if 52 weeks.

    So basically I haven't really helped much have I! Your wages could be anything between £7300 and £11100!!! Depending on how many weeks you are paid for and how generous the school are!

    chey - yes I am always too lazy to do the precise maths so just worked it out based on 43 weeks!
  18. chey - with regard to experience its different from county to county, I personally have a PGCE but my county do not ask for anything more than GCSE's, other counties expect candidates to have experience and to work towards a qualification. I have no idea what the Level 1 refers to, Level 1 qualifications are equivalent to GCSE D-G grades so its not about qualification.
  19. hi, just a point on it being a temporary contract (I'm Merseyside too, but Wirral). Was speaking to somebody last night about a temporary contract at our school and apparently if it is temporary you don't get paid holiday or sick pay and you get paid weekly. At least that was what two TAs who had worked temporary contracts in the past say.

    Maybe you should ring up the LEA and speak to them. I know the Wirral one would be helpful. Better to get it right from the horse's mouth. Or ring the school and ask them.

    Good luck.
  20. Don't know if it helps but I'm a primary learning mentor on a temporary contract. I get paid on scale 4 for 45 weeks of the year (term time only plus 30 days holiday pay), based on 37 hours per week

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