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What do your able / gifted readers read in KS2?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Teacher1974, May 25, 2011.

  1. I organise my better readers in much the same way, with the better ones choosing from the library so I really hope your daughter's not in my class! I have a parent helper who hears the children read their reading books while I choose books for their guided reading sessions.

    I would be devastated to find out that she was reading books with that sort of content, and also disappointed that those books were in our school library. I rely on parents to fill me in on content - I love reading and could recommend a few good books but cannot be expected to know the content of every book in the library. I would hope that your daughter or you as the parent would come and speak to me about it so something could be done.

    I also allow my better readers to bring in books from home but am quick to remind parents that we have plenty of books in school, before they complain that I'm asking them to pay for their own books!
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    That would be my view as well and I have year 6. I'd be appalled to know they were reading such things. And no school book should have any bad language in it.

    I would put a note in the reading diary every time such an issue arises. So tonight I would write something like "Please allow Angel to change her reading book immediately as it deals with rape and we think it unsuitable. Thank you." Then tomorrow maybe you will need to write, "Please allow Angel to change her reading book immediately as it contains swearing." And so on.

    School very possibly doesn't know. The book cover may look appealing and so motivating. Teachers don't generally read the whole book before putting it on the library shelf.
  3. Thanks very much for your comments. I have mentioned a couple of individual books to the teacher before which we have stopped reading and then read a book from home instead. A friend of mine has also done the same. However, we haven't had many of these books home yet and more have been unsuitable than not. My feeling is that I should now make a "thing" of it to the school, rather than to the teacher who, like you, is sending my daughter to the library with the best of intentions. I wanted advice first really because I want to raise it formally. I expect the issue is one of time, in that books in the library are necessary but no-one has the time to vet them.
  4. I agree with you - whoever is overseeing the library should be made aware of this as they are either wasting money on unsuitable books or are accepting donations of books that are unsuitable.
  5. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Yes, and I think any child should be able to browse there quite safely without coming across books about rape. I used to spend my life as a child browsing in the junior section of the town library and in the bookshop and I don't ever recall that ........... unless of course it just went over my head.
    I'm sure I read things in science books that might have been beyond what some would consider appropriate for my age at the time; but if you lived on a farm you'd understand all of that from pretty young and no harm done?

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