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What do you wish you could tell parents about school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by educationwriter, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. "If you won't believe everything your child says happens at school, I won't believe everything your child says happens at home!"
  2. I did
    I did the other day. It was year 9, so a bit different but I've given up trying to make any sense of music levels. They're one of the best works of surrealist wordplay I've ever come across.
    I've got to say far from anyone here coming across as vindictive or 'parent bashing' there just seems to be a desire to stress that actually we're on the same side as the parents and all want what's best for the kids.

  3. Perfectly said. Very emotional and so true.
  4. "Your child does not need to go 'up a book level' every time she reads. SHE needs to be able to apply a range of increasingly INDEPENDENT strategies to read the words HERSELF and be able to DISCUSS the book, maybe apply the events to those in her own life and show some understanding of what she has read - not much, just a glimmer would do."
  5. If your child comes to school and says "mummy/daddy punched my face in" and he has marks....I will contact you, if your mobile is switched on, to ask your version, but by LAW...I have to phone it through to Social Services. I am not picking on you. I am not racist. I am listening to you.......but....I HAVE NO CHOICE!

    Do not come to school shouting the odds in a violent manner, you are not doing yourself any favours.
  6. Ooooooo I so agree!
  7. Parents who email to say that their child's detention is unjust as they did do their homework ' I saw them do it'! However the child has not handed it in! What do they think I am psychic!!
  8. only 30 children. I have 36. As a parent I always took with a large pinch of salt anything my girls told me about school. oh yes and they were at my school!

  9. 'I will choose who I need to accompany me on school trips!! Remember the trip is for the children primarily!!'
    Sometimes I find that when the trip is not interesting, barely anyone comes forward to help. Then when it is something that the parents would enjoy themselves, I have lots of offers (which of course is great) coupled with lots of pressure to bring them along ahead of anyone else and some bad reactions to not being invited along (not so great). While it's great to have the offers, I find myself conscious that I am risking putting people's noses out of joint, when actually it is up to me to choose who I feel will be most beneficial!!
  10. Ha ha! How true....I usually give the best slot to the one who doesn't mind WHEN they come!

  11. Oh thank you everyone! I have had the parents from hell this year in the first week of term I had a group of them 'ganging up' threatening to 'pull their children out' wanting a big meeting with me. I would never ask one parent in for a meeting with 10 teachers so how is that fair? When they each came in individually they were full of the tedious complaints you have all mentioned here. Lost jumpers (I steal them and sell them on ebay - only after carefully picking off the unique school embroidery I make about 10p on each one) not giving them a personal recount of what kind of day their darling has had at home time (30 kids in this class I can't speak to you all for ten minutes each unless of course you want to be the one at the end of the line waiting outside in the rain) and wait for it....after all seven of them ranted at me for 20 minutes each over the course of a week - after school - in my personal time....not one of them asked "how is my little darling are they happy in school?" not one!!!
    I wanted to rant about it on here weeks ago but you get so many do gooders missing the point and criticising you for making a negative comment . It's so nice to see a bit of steam being let off with everyone taking it how it is intended!
    Thanks :)
  12. cach9801

    cach9801 New commenter

    These stories all work for secondary school too!! Parents are just as looney for the older ones! Thank you for making me laugh!!

    Please don't say that you cannot afford the new school uniform. You've known that it was changing for over a year. Perhaps buying your son the latest I Phone 4 / X Box / Blackberry was a stupid idea.

    Please work on times tables with your 15 year old. It is quite sad that she's still counting by fours on her fingers. Perhaps you should have helped her with these instead of throwing her in front of the TV every night.

    I understand you swear and curse all the time. That doesn't give your son the excuse to use the F-Word every time he doesn't get his own way in my lesson.

    I don't want to be funny, but have you considered birth control? You've got 7 children in our school, and they're all chavs. Is buying them each a Nintendo DS really more important than sending them to school with pens and a calculator?
  13. I would like to add....please name all clothes,initials are not enough and no I do not loose them deliberately , nor do I issue nits to every child a a matter of course!! Right feel better for that.
  14. Fantastic! Love it [​IMG]
  15. lol I've just copied and pasted your post so I can stick it up in the staffroom-brilliant! [​IMG]
  16. "We don't use that language at home, he must have learnt it at school"...so how come I saw you the other day swearing like a trooper up the shops, with your many small children in tow (you didn't see me), using language that shocked even me, and I am used to hearing it?
  17. which one?
  18. "My child doesn't swear at home and they don't hear it at home!"
    Well A: - This is irrelevant. They have sworn at school and this is unacceptable!
    B: I certainly don't walk into the classroom and swear at them. I'd probably lose my job!
    C: They do hear swearing outside of school but not necessarily from you. Please help me teach them that it is for adults only!
  19. super post, very well said! :)

  20. Please talk to your child and really listen to them. Give them undivided attention every single day. Enjoy his or her company. Make them feel wanted and loved. YOU are more important to their education than I (the teacher) am!

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