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What do you wear to school?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by barries, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Actually - I think the thong thing CAN matter - but only when it's on display every time the teacher bends forward - have seen this far too many times for my liking - underwear should not be on display in school - save it for the weekend.
  2. Agreed. I'm stunned that is even in debate.
  3. Was a regular occurence in my old primary school - I just thought that I was being a fuddy duddy
  4. What an enjoyable thread - I now have mental images to go with the avatars!
    My wardrobe is currently dictated by footwear - I am having to wear special insoles in my shoes and they only fit in trainers! My new "Olive Oyl" look is wow with everyone Not! I also cycle a rather muddy journey so I have to wear cycle gear and carry my work clothes in the panniers so non-creasing garments are favourite.....Any and all suggestions welcome although I can't get my tutu passed my knees so that's out[​IMG]
    Oh and I'm 47[​IMG]
  5. have to say thongs have never been a problem for me(far too invasive to be comfortable lol),
    I am the only male member of staff in school so dont have a benchmark or guidance, it does seem far easier for women to find clothes/express themselves through clothing choice,
    I tend to stick with trousers and polo shirts, with black trainers(to much chasing after stray children to wear shoes).
    I'm always open to suggestions from the more fashion concious here, what would you recomend?
    I'm 27
  6. Well, i wear whatever I think looks trendy and practical. It doesn't matter whether or not i've bought it from some designer store, ebay, or seen something great in a charity shop window!
    If you like it and are comfortable in it, then you should be proud to wear it!
    I change my look daily - smart trousers and a blouse, skinny black jeans and a trendy cardy and scarf , or practical trousers and converse for outdoor play!
    Nobody should make you feel uncomfortable about what you wear. I bet if a child in their class was making another child feel like you do about their clothing, they'd soon have somethng to say.

  7. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

    I vary greatly depending on my mood - sometimes it's smart suits, others it is trousers and smart top/cardi
    occasionally it is a skirt (but rarely)
    ALWAYS high heels (but am a midget!)
    always something trendy too

  8. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I know our school are quite laid back compared to others but Jeans is taking it one step too far in my opinion! Do you work in a school or elsewhere?
  9. Is ******* still following this thread? I'd be interested in her reasons for it.
  10. Black jeans - they don't really look like denim!
    And, if my head is happy for me to dress like this then I will until she tells me not to. She actually loves what I wear!
  11. We wear the same sweatshirt and t-shirt as the children!
    It is actually fab as you never have to worry about what you are going to wear! Also you don't have to spend a fortune on clothes for work. However it is not compulsory but 90% of staff choose to wear it and we have a lot of staff.
  12. Black trousers tend to be my stapledress code and my black Gap skirt. Primark white shirts(£2.50 each-bargain!) I have a Mango skirt that was quite expensive that i tend to wear with red tights (the kids are quite obsessed with Miss Hill's fashion choices and tend to get a "like ya skirt Miss" from them)Most expensive shirt has to be my £35 one from ***. I just love my clothes tho no matter how much/little they cost haha!
    ...oh and I'm nearly 24 :)
  13. Bargains are the best for school. I always am smart/casual/comfy, but do love a bargain from asda or primark. i spend most of the day sitting on the carpet or kneeling on a wooden floor, it is no place for £40 next troussers!!
    p.s... where does the person teach who takes their shoes off when the temp hits above 30? i need to move there instead of cold cumbria!!
  14. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Devon ... windows barely open, room was designed for 20 but holds 30+, full sun until 2 pm ... you get the picture!
  15. It's funny how you automatically assume that this is the only thing I am known for!
    Actually, it is possible to look nice and be practical.
    It's also possible to improve behaviour/ raise attainment and help improve overall practice whilst wearing red lipstick and something other than a suit!

  16. Yes it is, which is why you are now contradicting your previous post.
  17. I don't think that there is anything wrong with being known for what you wear, so long as it isn't the only thing you are known for!

  18. Good for you!
    I'm the same at my school, the kids love to talk about what I'm wearing.

  19. Hiya,
    As I teach science and its the kinda lesson you normally end up trashing your clothing, I generally wear cheap, cheerful and tidy from places like tesco and matalan...there is a range of plain trousers in tesco for a fiver a pair they are no different to the pair I bought from Dorothy Perkins if I am honest. Also generally wear simple shirts with a range of tank tops/jumpers or plain t-shirts and cardis.
    I dont tend to think much about the price as long as it looks smart and professional...surely we should have grown out of the idea of 4-stripe vs adidas when really as long as they do the job whats the problem?
    I'm 23 btw!
    Good luck with the enquiry...interesting to see what people think
  20. you talking to yourself lisa?

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