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What do you wear to school?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by barries, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. currently teaching year 3.
    shoes - men's rockport lace ups, office heels, clarks shoe boots, kurt geiger
    skirts - muji, vivienne westwood, kaliko, full circle, alberta feretti
    tops - calvin klein, dkny, vivienne westwood, paul frank ( for P.E.) versace, religion
    trousers - gap, h+m
    socks - paul frank
    tights - jonathan aston, anything lacy, patterned or coloured that matches my outfit
    plus some vintage one offs my best friend made when she was a fashion designer
    age 54
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I have a basic selection of "teaching clothes" (in three different sizes, more's the pity) - black, grey, beige and pin stripe trousers (which, along with the grey trousers has a matching jacket), various black skirts in different styles and lengths, a red spotty skirt and a black and white lacy print skirt. I wear various v-neck jumpers or vest tops with cardigans with all them. Various styles and heights of shoes to match whatever I'm wearing or black boots with a particular skirt.
    In a previous teaching job I regularly wore jeans or combats because it was a less formal setting and I occasionally found myself on the windowsill trying to persuade an escapee to come back in.

  3. At my old school, we had to wear suits (men and women) and although we could take our jackets off in the classroom, they needed to be worn in the corridor during "meet and greet" times and even if you went to the toilet between lessons or were wandering between classroom and staffroom in PPA time.
    At my present school the dress code is a lot more relaxed and I am glad of it. I usually wear smart trousers with a blouse or top and cardigan or pullover - nice ones though! I sometimes wear skirts or dresses with tights.
    I'm 27 [​IMG]
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Sorry, I quoted that in my last post for a reason...
    If your contract says 32 in the class I think it would be both unprofessional and stupid to accept an extra pupil but I suspect that that won't be the case (had you been Scottish and started with 33 then you'd be allowing the school to breach your contract).
  5. Black Crocs, shorts and a tshirt.

    I love summer and a relaxed school.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    crocs and city shorts should be illegal.
  7. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    suits me
  8. Eh, shoes - black, from clarkes (medium size heel)
    thick, den high quality tights in black
    skirt - um, varies, but always knee length, often black or grey
    jumper/shirt/top - generally neutral colour or, yup, often black
    coat, you guessed it - black!
    scarf - black

    you get the picture

    I'm too poor not to wear all black, it's so easy to mix and match :p.
  9. A nice Gucci dress accessorised by Louis Vuitton shoes and handbag, Rolex watch and Bulgari ring and pendant set [​IMG]
  10. Willowood....no confusion, 'professionalism' in my experience is defined on the hoof, usually by those in authority who want you to be just like them, and 'unprofessional' usually is code for 'don't disagree with me'.
    Am I the only bloke to mention clothes on this thread? Says something but I don't know what.
  11. I'm PE so it has to be practical. In september we got given a kit 4 T shirts, 3 fleeces (fairly good quality form same suplier as kids) and 2 windbreakers (nike). I was so pleased as it means I don't have to think what to wear when I get up. As its winter I wear a primark long sleve tight t shirt under my school polo, it has to be black, white or green to match the top/badge. All my tracksuit bottoms are either Nike or Adidas always black and must be 'pullinable' at the bottom as I'm very short!! I normaly go for 3/4 lenths/long shorts in the summer mainly because of the comments I get from staff if I go for normal shorts!!!
    Traniners are always nike and have to be sports not fashion designed. Normally worn with sports socks, unless I'm having a 'socks off' competition with my trampolining class (who can wear the best socks comp!)[​IMG]
    When we have parents evening etc I wear a knee length skirt/dress with a smart top and heels, I have my hair down and put on a bit more makeup. This always causes much amusement to the rest of the staff who always feel they have to make a comment about how well we all (my dept) scrub up. Why do you all feel the need to do that? You see us on nights out and never say anything but if we are in school looking smart you look at us like we are aliens! [​IMG]
    I'm 26 yrs 7-11

  12. historicallass

    historicallass New commenter

    I wear dark grey or black trousers, ballet pumps in an array of colours/patterns. Current faves are a grey leopard print pair, closely followed by red patent and also a teal leather pair.
    I usally wear patterned pop sock things from M and S with them.
    Top wise either a plain t-shirt, blouse with vest top underneath or vest top with a smart cardigan. Or if it is chilly, a t-shirt or vest top under a lightweight knit jumper. My main teaching room is roasting!!!!
    I dont really wear much make up or jewellery, but I do feel very strongly about work underwear. I have work pants, which are big and black and always wear very high cut minimising bras.
    I am 25 teaching y7-13
  13. Mostly jeans.
  14. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

  15. That look is a bit chilly for current temperatures.
  16. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    I went through a phase of buying really expensive shirts and trousers from Next and Debenhams and ended up having to buy new every few months after drawing all over them with board pen and other unidentified stains appearing.
    Now I buy from George (my budget doesn't have any ethics i'm afraid) granted - it doesn't look as "metro" as the Next gear does but it lasts longer and is easy to look after.
    In fact I got a nice pair of trousers (bum went through the last pair - that'll teach me buying in TK Maxx!) and a pair of pasty shoes for £30 yesterday which left me enough to buy SAW 5 and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - bit of a false economy but I was happy. Well... that is until i watched the latter... what a tragic film!!
  17. I tend to buy fairly good quality clothes for school, as I am there a lot (!) and find it so disappointing to buy something then have it fade or wear out quickly. I tend to wear Boden, Monsoon, the odd thing from Kew, Linea from House of Fraser, an occasional Gap buy, vests from M&S, sale items from Hobbs, a few good ebay and charity shop finds....
    I am pregnant at the moment and, strangely, can hardly remember what I used to wear before I had to start adapting my wardrobe....! [​IMG] The general picture was fitted cardigans with plain or tweed style trousers, jersey tops with polo or cowl neck, wrap or knee length jersey dresses, knee length boots and linen shirts/long skirts in summer.
    I have recently bought:
    Over the bump style trousers - the first time I put them on I just went 'Ahhhhhh' as they are so comfortable. The best trousers ever - why can't ordinary trousers feel this good? I have discovered that Picchu maternity are about the only place to sell these in chocolate brown, my favourite colour.
    Basic maternity teeshirts from Gap and M& S - cheap but not that flattering, so best worn under something else.
    I have bought several maternity tops of the style with a crossover over the bust, then a ruched body. These look nice and keep that all-important definition between bust and bump.
    A wrap maternity dress.
    A pretty top for special occasions on sale from Isabella Oliver.
    I am 33 and have an SMT post - primary.

  18. Gloriousness

    Gloriousness New commenter

  19. Age 27, teaching yr 7-1 at a boys' school. I'm also from overseas, so my work wardrobe is whatever I could fit into the suitcase.
    I brought over 2 good black suits (would have been about £140 each) and purchased some shirts here from M&S. Black Mary-Janes by Birkenstock. Black stockings by M&S (I love that place.) Black waistcoat from Evans when it's too hot to wear a suit jacket. Don't wear jewellery or makeup but I do have a variety of serious/fun cufflinks.
    Every one else in my department is male and they all wear very smart suit/tie every day.
    I'm reluctant to buy more work clothes since I'll just have to ship it all back home afterwards.
  20. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Oooh knee-length definitely!! In my shape any shorter would not be good [​IMG]
    Something like this but in black:

    Would this really not be considered smart?

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