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What do you wear to school?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by barries, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    I have got a pair of brown smart jeans-cut trousers from Per Una which I wear with long tops, a pair of suit-type trousers which unfortunately don't fit me brilliantly but were cheap and there when I needed some, also from M&S; and a selection of skirts- cord, flared, a couple of longer ones. I also have a knitted dress and an officey, sixties style tunic dress which I wear over shirts. With these bottoms I'll wear shirts, or smart t style tops (the sort you get from Jackpot and the like, if I am flush, or the sort you can get in H&M if I'm not!). This year I am wearing a long knitted sleeveless cardi thing, which is great for hiding lumps and bumps. I almost always wear a scarf to hide cleavage in the winter. Summer is trickier. Last year cropped linen trousers were a big feature.
    Shoes- I used to wear funky heels but now it's boots or (still funky) flats, unless I have a light timetable that day! If I get my new job I may invest in a couple of suits and try to smarten up a little bit...
    I'm 31.
  2. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Thankfully I don't have a dress code apart from no low necks, or vest tops. (They might distract the clients).

    I wear jeans (2 pairs I alternate from Asda and BHS) loose, plain comfortable T-shirts (I buy half a dozen in varyng colours every time I go to Holland, as they wash well and don't crease). I have one or two from Bon Marche as well. I wear flat leather shoes (can't wear trainers atm as I can't tie the laces) . I have about 3 different styles I swap around, which are Ecco, Rockport andf Scapa. I buy those in Holland too. I wear sandals in the summer.

    Obviously fore more formal occasions, such as the workshop I'm facilitating soon, I wear smarter stuff. I have a two piece black suit (worn to my last interview) and a grey 3 piece from M&S (trousers, jacket, skirt) which I wear with cream, or black smart tops. I wear smart black shoes with these (my favourites atm are Scapa /Peter Kaiser).

    My company trusts us to dress appropriately for the occasion. My senior manager wears a suit and tie, but he doesn't spend his day with clients.
  3. I work at a 6th form college rather than a school. What I wear is quite varied. Knee length skirts, black trousers, smart(ish) jeans with a variety of tops including fitted t-shirts with a cardie, fitted shirt, long-sleeved tops. I do also wear walking-type trousers and a fleece top. Totally depends on the weather, what I feel like and what I have on in the day. I teach science so I am not going to put something decent on that would get wrecked if I was doing alot of practicals. As for makes I would say it is a mixture of john roca, monsoon, george (asda), craghoppers and dorothy perkins. I am 27.
  4. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    fore=for: apologies for the other typos: the cat was on the keyboard.
  5. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I wonder if the choice of what you wear is also linked to what age group you teach?

    I teach Y1/2 and I find that in any one week I am bound to get paint/whiteboard pen/pva glue/ vomit etc on me and its just not worth wearing expensive clothes into school.
    I tend to shop in Primark, New Look and Peacocks for work and save the more up market things for home :)
    Generally I'll wear trousers or knee-length skirts with knee-high boots in the winter (wedge heel) and thin jumpers. In the summer I tend to wear knee-length skirts - gypsy style, flattish sandals and v-neck t-shirts. I LOVE wearing stiletto style heels but don't often wear them at school as I am so paranoid about treading on the childrens fingers when they are on the carpet. Sometimes I'll just cave in and wear them though :)
    Tomorrow I'm going to wear city shorts (which are just over the knee), some black 'dolly' style shoes, a white shirt and a black belt that comes just under my bust (not sure what they're called?). I can dress smarter on a Monday though as there is no PE or art style lessons hehe.
    I'm 24
  6. We wouldn't be allowed city shorts. Smart tailored trousers, if trousers are to be worn at all, which has only been in the past 5 years and with great SMT reluctance.
  7. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Really? I think they can look smarter and more professional than some scruffy skirts and trousers I've seen people in!
    I think our dress code is quite casual though because our head understands that practicality is more important. Most staff in FS live in combat trousers and flat pumps/flip flop style shoes in the summer.
    I try to look as smart as possible but if that means not being able to do all the crouching down, sitting on the floor, bending over etc that I generally do on a daily basis then forget it!

    (When I taught KS2 it was so much easier to dress smartly!)

  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm 31 and wear either trousers, a skirt or a dress with shoes or boots! Very descriptive, I know!!
    My trousers are mainly from Next, I have a couple of skirts from Jigsaw and dresses from Oasis, Calvin Klein and Warehouse. I tend to wear casual tops rather than shirts, and jumpers in the winter.
    I have a pair of heels and a pair of ankle boots from Nine West (bought in the sales!) and some flat shoes from Barretts.
    Well, at the moment i'm 28 weeks pregnant so I'm a bit more limited, but i can still get into some of my trousers, which i wear with a maternity top or dress. I did wear my heels the other day, but mainly I just wear the flat shoes at the moment!
  9. No city shorts at our place either. I don't often wear the jackets to go with my suits, as we're on a big site and it gets too cold with no coat....would rather wear my Hobbs coat (my one extravagance this winter)
  10. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    It depends on the year group I'm teaching but I'd never ever wear a black suit. I'm not an undertaker.
    I'd never wear my pearls to work - they cost mr inky too much - but some pretty jewellery is a talking point with young children. Shoes? When I'm in nursery I tend to wear the boots I buy in Clark's children's shoe sale.Otherwise, anything I like and can run in.
    I have a huge number of black tee shirts. Hopefully, my colleagues and pupils realise that it's not always the same one. Per Uno skirts are great for women of a certain age if you avoid the blowsy superannuated hippy look, but my boss favours them so I have to be quick off the mark and wear them as soon as I've bought them. I must say, she dresses, accessorises and grooms beautifully. Since she's been at the school, some of that has rubbed off on the rest of us. She manages to be flamboyant yet elegant, and she never does the boring suit thing.
    Sometimes I go practical, but other times I like to wear interesting stuff and have fun. Whatever I wear, it's always decent. I wear cardigans rather than jumpers because they're more comfortable and practical when you're in and out all day.
    Makes? I'm too old for the really cheap stuff, larks children's boots [£10 in a sale] an old Uniqlo cashmere cardy, n M&S black tee shirt and a rather posh French skirt. The cardigan became a transitional object for a little girl three years ago;if I left it lying around she'd pick it up and drag it around with her all day.
    Scent? For school, light and pleasant smells [chypres or citruses] that don't bring a bordello to mind.

  11. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I'm 54.
  12. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    OOh I like this thread. More men please! And more stating which year group, I think that is key to the look you have.
    I'm a trainee and felt I was too KS2 when I did a placement in Reception.
    Am I the only one who wear charity shop clothes?? Not as bad as it sounds, actually, they are all in very good nick and usually good solid labels. I also get clothes at jumble sales, I found a fantastic pair of Whistles checked trousers which fit a dream for 20p recently.
    I have always been a second hand clothes junkie and some days I'm head to toe in Charity shop but always looks smart-ish. I can't do high heels though (should I for an interview???) but many of the women teachers do at my school. I like Clarks for shoes too, although I have bought shoes in a charity shop too...!
    Occasionally, I splash out on Boden. And I have bought staples like white long sleeved tees at Asda because they are so cheap.
    I mostly wear skirts and boots and long sleeved tops with maybe a necklace to jazz it up. But I do wear smart trousers too. Never jeans (but I have seen this). And I ALWAYS wear make up, foundation, eye liner and lip gloss or lipstick. It helps me feel professional. I'm 41.
  13. RJR...do you mean knee length city shorts or proper city shorts?
    When I wear my city shorts and boots I get told off by the other teachers for dressing up too smart!
  14. Black trousers and a long top generally. Occasionally grey trousers and a long top. Shoes - whatever doesn't cripple me (I have problems with my feet so shoes are an ongoing battle) and sandals/flip flop type shoes from as early as possible all the way through the summer. If I know I'm going to a school I can get away with it in - I'll wear combat trousers as they're perfect for the amount of junk primary teachers end up with in their pockets. Never wear good stuff to school since I never know if I'm going to end up with an art or PE day.
    Primary supply.
  15. I am a male secondary school teacher of 55, who (if i sit down at all), spends most of his lessons sitting on the floor, or walking around the students..
    Vegetarian shoes (restricts the choice a bit) which I remove in my teaching space, cotton socks which co-ordinate with my suit.
    Either a silk, or linen, or wool or cotton suit (if need be with a canvas belt. ironed shirt and one of many ties I own. M&S underwear.
    Watch with a cloth strap.
    Canvas briefcase.
    It annoys me I am obliged to wear what our head says 'collar and tie for men' as it means loads of ironing.
    The women teachers have much more freedom to choose what they want, and find ways of expressing themselves...this goes for copious piercings and tattoos too, let alone lots of make up.
  16. ....incidentally....I would never ever ever describe myself as a 'professional', despite being a teacher for 33years...the word is meaningless.
  17. What do you mean by that? Of course it's not meaningless.
  18. ...if a head instructed a teacher with 32 students in their class to take a 33rd student, but the teacher felt that the extra student would be the tipping point to make the whole class unteachable....would the teacher refusing be 'professional' or 'unprofessional'?
  19. <u>Footwear:</u> Crocs (if the weather is fine), trainers (PE and ed visit days), black or brown boots (wintry/wet weather)
    <u>Trousers:</u> black or brown (cheap ones as they get washed after every wear - George, Sainsburys, Tesco, Matalan, Next, M&S)
    <u>Tops:</u> blouses or long/short sleeved tops in lots of colours (again cheap ones as they washed after every wear - George, Sainsburys, Tesco, Matalan, Next, M&S)
    <u>Knitted garments:</u> grey, black or brown jumpers and cardigans (also cheap ones due to frequent washing - George, Sainsburys, Tesco, Matalan, Next, M&S)
    <u>Coat</u>: black school coat, black knitted long cardi coat thing, brown thick fleecy jacket
    Very boring but hey I get covered in all sorts every day so it just needs to wash well. I'm 42.
  20. Philosophical - are you confusing the whole issue of 'professionalism' with an instance of unrealistic expectations?

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