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What Do You Want To Do About Bullying Of Teachers?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by theedudicator, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Can I ask you all to just have a look at the blog post I've written today?

    What Do You Want To Do About Bullying Of Teachers?

    I've noticed several posters requesting a 'call to action' on this subject, and just wanted to know what people think about what should be done. Thanks :)
  2. To start with, there needs to be more information.
    People need to know what is acceptable management and what is bullying behaviour - this is not necessarily always clear.
    Managers need information/ training on how to deal with problems without resorting to bullying and discrimination. Actually it should probably be a part of teacher training or ongoing CPD for everyone as it is sometimes managers that get bullied. Maybe everyone should get regular training and debriefing on dealing with people and stressful situations. If people were properly trained on all aspects of their job then they may deal with them more reasonably.
    Everyone should know about their employment rights and the Equality Act. This should not just be information hidden away in a policy that nobody reads but should be part of inset. The more knowledge that people are armed with, the less likely they are to be bullied or discriminated against. A fair workplace should ensure that everyone has this information and that it is regularly discussed and integrated into practice.
  3. Rockchick2112

    Rockchick2112 New commenter

  4. I've mentioned that petition on the blog :)
    Yes certainly for me the first incidence of bullying I was subject to only ended up ruining my career because I didn't realise what was happening - it never occured to me that I might be treated like that. Why would it, really? So perhaps 'awareness raising' on HR/employment law issues is a good idea.
    I'm not sure about anti-bullying training for managers - I think most bullies I've encountered know full well what they're doing, and that there's another way of going about it, it's just that bullying is easier and there are no consequences for them for chosing to manage by bullying.
  5. Yes, I think most major perpetrators do, but the other people who get dragged in at times are not necessarily aware that what they are colluding with is bullying. However, if everyone got the same people skills training then it would be very difficult for someone in that environment to then bully without the sirens going immediately.
    There need to be consequences for anyone bullying after that though. Scorpion pit in the basement should do it.
  6. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    I feel at the moment, it's easy to set a teacher up and make them look as if they are incompetent. This was what happened to me. I got set up to fail and set up some more, some of it under the guise of "support."
    I think before capability procedures are instigated there need to be actual hard cold facts - not someone's opinion that a lesson was inadequate or that because one class are tricky someone can't control children. If someone is truly incapable of managing behaviour they would struggle with all their classes.
    If only! [​IMG]
    More apt perhaps is the treatment they themselves dish out of constant scrutiny and not being allowed to put a foot wrong.
  7. Yes but much more fun to imagine them in a scorpion pit. [​IMG]
    Maybe that's just me though [​IMG]
  8. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    No, it isn't just you!
  9. Yes it's too easy to put someone's own agenda onto performance standards as well, but so much of what is done in teaching is tacit, I can't see how performance criteria can be made more concrete.

  10. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    I know what you mean, but for starters, before capability procedures are introduced there should be a theme or a number of different things that go together for evidence.
    When I started in the school where all the horrible stuff happened, I'd been there two terms (Jan start) and was observed and I got 'satisfactory' - mainly because we didn't get through all the things I'd wanted to due to rowdiness from the class. However, they were rowdy because of a very serious incident that had happened at the school at lunch involving the serious injury of one of their peers.
    Then I got observed in the September of the following year - again, satisfactory, I hadn't used AFL enough. Fair enough. Then there were loads of parental complaints. These weren't about me - it was about groupings (honestly!) but all the same it prompted another obs - satisfactory again. This was a very tricky group. Middle ability but two halves - one half well motivated and hard working, the other utterly foul. The well motivated half went home and complained to their parents about the horrible other half, the other half were pains. So I had been at the school less than a year and had three observations - all satsfactory.
    Then I'd been at the school just over a year when I was observed with that tricky class and got inadequate and that prompted a 'support plan' of four weeks, I was re observed with the same class and this time they were OK. Nope - inadequate. At my request, I was also observed with a year 8 class. That was, I thought, a really good lesson but no - satisfactory. So, one year, five observations (three with the same group!) and three satisfactories, two inadequates. [​IMG] Then I resigned as I knew capability would follow and I just wasn't going down that route, no way.
    The problem was that nothing else was taken into account. Exam results (good) pupils' work in their books (also good) - it was literally as if they said "you can't teach this class so you can't teach at all."
    What upset me so much was there was no way my second lesson was inadequate and I don't think the other was satisfactory either, and since ever since those observations I have been awarded outstanding or once good with outstanding features I somehow think I might just have been set up. [​IMG]
    Ultimately they saw what they wanted to see and it's that which needs to stop. There needs to be hard, solid evidence of inadequate lesson obs from a range of groups, poor books, bad exam results, valid and reasonable parental complaints not stupid stuff like "she's picking on him" being used before capability can go forward. Otherwise it's a dream for a school with a budget problem, a member of staff they don't like or just a face not fitting which I think is what happened to me.
  11. If we lived in lala land, I would introduce a law whereby someone who has proved to be deliberately bullying anyone (not just teachers) in any situation (esp work) is forced to undergo community service whereby they are required to work as a mental health services volunteer or befriender for at least 4 weeks, so that they can see first hand how mental health issues REALLY affect people and how their behaviour can trigger/worsen other people's (dis)stress.

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