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What do you want from the fat beardy bloke?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by chocolatebox9, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Wow! I never knew that Santa's sack contained such goodies!
    *Scrambles onto Santa's knee*
    Ummmm I have been a very, very good girl for <strike>all </strike> <strike> most</strike> some of the year.....Do you perchance have a sugar-daddy left?!!!....Could I swap one of my books/Amazon vouchers for a nice, kind, rich, devoted sugar-daddy? And if he could look kind of like Sean Connery...or David Hewlett...or Mark Harmon...or even Lord Sugar...I'd be really, really grateful!
  2. No.
    The orders have already been put up and you can't change them now.
  3. I'd like a teleportation device, please.
  4. *puts teleportation device in coffeekid's sack*
  5. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Oh...well, I suppose that seems quite reasonable....you have to have some rules......

    So, I happen to have this identical twin sister....not only do we look alike, but we share a lot of tastes and interests....I'm sure she'd love a sugar-daddy to the exact same specifications as I set down earlier....and just to make things easy for you, she'll be staying with Mum too!....Now remember this is my identical twin sister who is called ummmmmmmmm Bethannie (we are so alike we even have the same name!)....don't make the mistake of sending the gift to my younger or elder sister!

    (it's only a teensy tiny white lie.....I'm sure Santa really understands!)
  6. Please could i have all of my family together and having fun for the whole day? Think thats all I need/want!! (Oh, and maybe some nut free christmas food?! New ish allergy is taking away all of the old treats!!)
  7. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I want Dipsue's wish to come true.
    I would also like the antibiotics to work on Mr BS's earache before tomorrow and for his cough to stop so we can both have a decent night's sleep.
  8. Bethannie, you can ask for next year but I'd wait for a bit before putting in your request. Things are a bit hectic at the mo.
    Orders magic carpet and fairy dust for becki's family.
    Nut free Crimbo food is no problem.
  9. *puts Hopi ear candle and propolis lozenges down chimney*
  10. I want to be able to paint my nails without making a right bloody mess of them.
    Trying to do them a nice Christmassy red, have tried 3 times and am about to give up.

    Oooh also could he organise a rise in temperature as I'm going out tonight and would really like to wear my new dress rarther than the jeans and thick jumper that I have lived in for the last month.

    Please keep dad out of the kitchen while I am trying to cook. Yes I realise that it's his kitchen and he has only asked me to help but he does this every year, panics about the sprouts and makes everything a drama!

    Lastly (but mostly) please let Grandma enjoy christmas and not be in too much pain. Help her to get out of the care home and back to her house soon, she really hates it in there.
  11. Can England call on you for your bowling skills? The nice people at Norad say that you are due in Tokyo in around 3 mintues.[​IMG]
  12. *puts manicurist, instant global warming, Pamela Anderson (to distract dad), a doctor and handsome orderly down bex's chimney*
  13. That's the magic of Christmas...
  14. Thanks Chocolatebox but I dont want her in the kitchen either.
    Do you think bits of her would melt with all that heat?
  15. She wouldn't be in the kitchen.
    She would distracting dad elsewhere.
    Perhaps they could build a snowman together?
  16. Well if thats the case we'd better stick Colin Firth in for mum.
    On second thoughts, I dont mind having him in the kitchen!!!!! White shirt and steam.
    Better make it Viggo Mortensen for mum. Then again, maybe I could do with an extra pair of hands. hmmmmm
  17. Its too late to change your list.
    Dad can have Pamela this year, you and mum can have Colin next.
  18. Fair enough. I suppose he has to draw the line somewhere.
  19. So, is colin free this year??!! I am sure i could find a use for him!!! [​IMG]
  20. Chocolatebox, what would you like?
    You are being very kind in your bid to Santa!

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