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What do you think of this revision session?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by OckhamsRazor, May 10, 2011.

  1. OckhamsRazor

    OckhamsRazor New commenter

    I reckon I'd mix in the exam technique with the content, so the link between the two is more obvious. Revise some fact --> this is what it may look like in the exam.

    I'd also get 3x40 minute sessions together (or 2x1 hour) which I'd deliver on a rotation to all the classes, so the non-specialist doesn't end up doing all the work with one class.
  2. We mix things up with bingo; crosswords; dominoes / follow ons etc. Agree with previous idea of mixing up teachers / activities as it will be a change for both the students and the teachers!
    Have emailed lots of stuff we use (assuming you are still WJEC) to your gmail address (if you still use it)
    Are you marking again this year?
  3. Thanks for that Surfer, yes I got them. Really helpful.

    Yes I am marking again this year, but just got a letter today saying I am booked into another hotel, not the Beaufort.
  4. Glad you got them and hope they will be useful. Wonder why you are not booked into Beaufort? Is your moderation / examiners meeting there?

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