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What do you think of home study leave?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by TES_Community, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. AdmiralNelson

    AdmiralNelson New commenter

    Strange that your son is at a selective school and is (in your words) "struggling and will be lucky to get a C".
    In my experience of a number of selective schools very few, if any, students fail in Mathematics (often ability in Mathematics or a similar logical ability such as Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning is used as the criteria for selection). So one has to wonder what has gone wrong? Was your son heavily tutored to pass the entrance exam? Was he a marginal student, perhaps allowed in on appeal? Has he failed to work in this subject because he doesn't like it (or the teacher)? I'm not expecting you to answer these question, btw, but simply suggesting that a student failing in Maths GCSE in this type of school is very rare, almost unheard of, and there must be some special reasons.
    In your shoes I would have contacted the teacher/HoD to discuss my concerns, perhaps after the Y11 mocks (when - presumeably - your son's problems were highlighted). Study leave - and any revsison classes or not - is really too late...
  2. No tutoring he got into the school fair and square off his own merit. Have been in to see HOD twice and the promised support has not materialised. Your attitude is maybe the same as theirs - if he is struggling to get a C they class that as failing! And it must be his fault! They're not interested in children who are not high flyers. I've seen both sides of the coin - my other son is an A* student - they have plenty of time for him!
  3. We still have our year 11s, they are meant to be leaving a week on Friday. The majority have finished their exams. Many have been wandering around school refusing to go to lessons, staff are babysitting them now.
    From my personal experience, I would have hated to have had to stay in school when I didn't have exams. Study leave meant I could get on with my own revision at home. I know not all 16 year olds are motivated to do this but it's got to be a better solution than keeping them caged up like animals. They've been desperate to leave for weeks.

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