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What do you think about KS3 RE coursebooks out there?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by JoePapill, May 19, 2011.

  1. What student coursebooks are the most popular in the UK for KS3 religious education? OUP, Edexcel/Heinemann/Pearson, or something else? What do you think are the good features about the book(s) you named, or what's not good with them?

    I'm trying to compare the books out there and see what's good or not, but don't know where to start ...
    Also, what kind of coursebook would you like to see in the market? Thanks!

  2. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    I don't use textbooks, although I'd be interested in one which included:
    <ol>[*]A range of activities for the study of themes within different religions, moral issues and questions of ultimate reality[*]An extensive collection of worksheets</ol> More of a 'textbook' for teachers.
  3. Don't use them apart from getting ideas fo rmy own resources - too dull to use in class when we have so many exciting activities we can do with good teaching
  4. pete14

    pete14 New commenter

    Would I be right in thinking that you are trying to find a gap in the market so you can write something to fill it? If so, can I give you a piece of advice. Publishers are better placed to do this and if you really want to get involved, you would be better off contacting them, with a sample of your writing and seeing whether they will commission you to write for them. Just don't expect to get rich!
    One further word of advice - don't bother contacting Edexcel because they are an exam board, not a publisher and Heinemann are a part of Pearson.
    There are a few new KS3 resources that have been published recently often with ICT resources alongside (e.g 'Your RE' - Heinemann) and most of the the new KS4 exam specifications have new books commissioned by the publishers. There may be gaps in the market but they may be hard to identify.

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