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What do you teach Y12s in chemistry after their exam May-July?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by scpalmerchemistry, May 14, 2019.

  1. scpalmerchemistry

    scpalmerchemistry New commenter


    We are a sixth form college. We study AQA chemistry.

    We have internal exams the week after the May. The Y12s return the week after half term. We have 1 topic of Y12 content (analysis still to do) then we usually start on Y13 content. With sports day etc, we have about 15x 1 hr lessons in which to teach a Y13 topic.

    In previous years we have taught Transition metals/Aq ions and periodicity on the rational there is slightly more recall content, which works if students have got summer schools etc.

    This year the plan was to teach Kp, periodicity and DNA (Not the amino acid stuff). Periodicity/DNA because it is content heavy and Kp because it fitted in nicely and it is a subject the students traditionally do well in.

    What topics do you do with your chemists in half term 6? Any suggestions are very welcome please - we still aren't sure of the best way!

  2. jereni

    jereni New commenter

    We teach AQA chemistry too. We finished Y1 content about 3 weeks ago and we have already moved straight into Y2 stuff. Because our last Y1 topics were alcohols and analysis, we moved straight into optical isomers, then aldehydes & ketones and we have just started carboxylic acids. We like the flow because these topics link nicely. We have already covered Kp - we added it to the equilibria topic. If we have time we will do the aspirin practical in the last couple of weeks of term. I prefer leaving the transition metal/aqueous ions topic until Jan/Feb so it's reasonably fresh when we revise it. But I confess every year we look at our teaching plan and find something we want to change, so it's good to hear ideas.

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